Miguna VS Grand Mullah

Nangoja reply ya miguna Miguna

 made me laugh and throw out some nice caviar. :D:D


Raw is War.

Wah! To tell the truth, Miguna must be broke to have crawled back to JaKuon after two hard-hitting books on the LoP.

The appearance fees from studios have probably become his source of sustenance after the flopped gubernatorial bid, while he has no known legal work in Kenya.

What Larry Madowo did might prompt other hosts to rethink their positions on inviting the bellicose oaf into their shows. At some point the novelty and entertainment value of insults and put-downs wears off. Ask Jeff Koinange.

Hii haina comeback 10-0

Fake account, real ahmednasirlaw is single s.

Hii hata sio sweep… This is when you jump m2 anakupigia sweep kwa hewa b4 you land guy does a John Cena on you.

@screwplus Weka hio giff

Not even a John Cena this is a RKO ukiwa kwa hewa…

hawa soshiolite wawili yafaa wawekwe ile kipindi ya nairobi diaries very foolish old people

I like the statement bellicose oaf. It’s hilarious. But Mr Dread, for the last time, studios do not pay panelists to attend. No allowance no per diem no salo no nothing.
Take it from me.

Three months ago, Miguna Miguna was a darling and the Savior of this village, talkers had paid allegiance to him

Was about to ask him that because it was clarified here that they aren’t paid to attend

Definition ya sweep!

MM has a mountain of high opinion of himself yet he just an ordinary man only with a very loud, uncouth and immature mouth/mind/brain.

What about that fattest ever living refugee in the world from Uganda by the name matsangi?

MM tunajua ni @Meria Mata ama unasema mgani ?

His mouth is for hire by you and I know who

hii kijiji you’ll be eaten and sh1t out faster than chemical induced diarrhea