Miguna running on a third way alliance ticket





Miguna micalculated a few things. Otherwise he had a chance. He should have applied for a Kenyan passport in Canada as the government demanded. Then they would have absolutely no plausible reason to deny him entry.

You cannot be combative against stupid people to the changrin of your own goals. They don’t care what harm they cause you.

Appealing to Nairobians once he is here is another story. All they do is complain. But when you forward them a saving grace, they want no parts of it. Bure kabisa.

Wachana na Miguna, Waititu has a high chance of winning this. Bonobo will never cease to amaze me with their voting logic.

Let him find his way back to Kenya first otherwise hii ni kelele tu. He cannot present his nomination papers while in Canada.