Miguna: Poverty & Arrogance

The man who ‘educates’ us all, including opponents and TV hosts, and he who campaigns through grainy phonecam videos recorded in his bare kitchen cannot even make decent promotional materials. I found this tiny card on the ground somewhere, trampled and looking like the most pathetic political effort in Nairobi.


Notice that Miguna does not bother to mention his running mate because HE is everything. I now understand that she has pulled out.

Karen Wangenye cited a poor working relationship with the gubernatorial candidate as her reason for exit.

“Let it be known that I have nothing against the Miguna and I wish him well. All I’m saying is that we are not compatible and I am not in a position to work with his methods of addressing issues.”

Is there another debate for Nairobi?

The guy is better off hosting shows than campaigning, Let the media give him some tv show to host.

That Karen mama is just talking like that because she knows the dude has no chance, if by miracle he wins atapiga 180

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He cannot host anything for a bowl of omena. Did you watch that KTN interview?


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Saw the deputy governor debate yesterday and wud say polycarp igathe is a rock, convinced me on what to do on 8/8 though he should let down his pride, he should stick to the facts coz he is so gud on them