Miguna Peeled Off His Own Mask

… to reveal a man more stupid than Baba.



Wueh inakaa Miguna alikula bibi yako, you can’t keep him off your mouth

Mzee mjinga hata kama nilikuzaa na stray sperm umekuwa mjinga kama fieldmarshall na kwa muktadha huu kilochobaki nitakusokora damu!tafakari hayo.

'tleast he/they is doing Faar much better than you. They are stupid to you because you arent kissing their asses as you do with UK.


Mimi sitaki kuona chupi za akina mama.


I am glad he is getting himself banned from TV. I dont know what people see in him. He is just a loud mouth who uses his brain kama kofia!

He was banned from Larry Madondo’s show but he was on NTV this morning with his usual crap.

We have no morals! Thats all i can say. How do you get banned from one show in the same station and get invited to another show in the same station? Citizen got it right by banning him!