Miguna cannot recover from a sweep and an RKO



Offlate he has resorted to pulling peoples mothers in his replies.

He cant handle politics. Arudi tu Canada.


:D:D:D:D Crazy man.

jeeeeso… ‘a tea-begger in breakfast shows’ :D:D:D:D:D

hiyo ndio inaitwa career ending tackle!


Thats typical of people who lack content, look even at some talkers who support a certain babuon two replies then they start ‘mamako’


Hiyo ameambia Ojwang ukweli…nigga was just reiterating Uhuru’s statement that the will of the people was subverted… sijui alicram hizo vitu akiwa jubilee house.

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I may want to agree with you, but what do you make of same Miguna insulting other people and leaders all day long on Twitter and Media Houses?

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Miguna hajui kustay relevant.

opinion opinion

that is a hit below the belt

Hahaaa hiyo sweep inaeza vunja yeye mguu

hiyo tackle ni noma sana. MM should deactivate his twirra handle

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sweep swaf sana too bad imeandikwa na Abdunjahi

Mm forgetting he occupied the airwaves 95% when on gubernatorial debates

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46.Never appear too perfect ~Laws of power.
He is going down without realizing.

It is a sweep nonetheless. In fact it is an uppercut

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SWEEP of the season wallahi.

Why can’t Abdunjahi not give the sweep?,

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Miguna is orphaned…He misses the father and is busty trying so hard to defend him and please him to the extent of abuses so that KYK (Kifaranga ya Korti) can notice him. He is basically Nasa and screams it.
I pitty his attention seeking pettiness.


Abdunjahi hails from the mountain