Miguna asks court to suspend Lufthansa and Air France landing rights in Kenya

Says they facilitated illegal prevention of his return from Canada.
Does this jaluo ever quit? The other day he was talking about incurring losses in his quest to come back to Kenya, but he still has the resources to start fights with multinational corporations. Huyu akicheza atakuwa banned na airlines zote, sumbua kabisa.





miguna is on mihadarati:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Miguna takes pleasure from suing people

Jaluo jinga

The only thing more outrageous than the government’s embarrasing and obviously illegal behaviour, is bonobos cheering on as gov’t officials shit on the very constitution they were sworn in to obey, protect, defend and uphold.

Why won’t they. In way does it ‘affect’ them. Hornbill’s problems

As a rational human, one must understand boundaries. Yes, the government has illegally barred him from returning, but what does he hope to achieve by suing the two airlines? They were informed that their planes wouldn’t land if Miguna was onboard, what were they to do? Miguna should concentrate his legal battles on the Kenyan government.

If he sues the airlines, evidence of who issued the orders will be presented in court. Then MM will go after him/her.

You see son, in progressive societies, they even sue the president.

It’s not that easy, even in so-called progressive societies. Lawsuits waste a lot of your time, money and energy. They should only be considered a last resort, not just suing everyone you think doesn’t like you.