Migrating to Nordic Countries 101

Which the best country to relocate to and what are the requirements ?

Ngombe @admin teorro tuheshimiane…
Norway or Denmark @gapcrew leta maoni ya Norway, si ulikuwa hizo sides?

Enda Norway, tafuta mtoi anahang balcony then pull a Spider-Man rescue, get citizenship then claim unemployment benefits wakikupa uraia . Around 100k Kenyan per month .

Scandinavian countries - Norway , Sweden , Denmark etc … free healthcare , education … happiest countries on earth and the women are some of the most gorgeous caucasian women you will see .

France and germany. Book a seat reservation on a dinghy with a west african facilitator. Skills ni swimming tu.

Enda hapo french embassy ungoje mtoto a hung kwa dirishia

vumbistan, skills required are be a good thief


Denmark, lugha ndio ngumu. Mchimba kaburi analipwa better than phd holder. Maisha iko fiti huko

Angalieni vile msedes ya wa Naija ime fanya ma dame wa Denmark :smiley:


Hapa shuma imerara dani!!

Wasomali wameharibia waafrika jina sana huko

Let me just tell you one thing…if you cannot speak the lingua…sahau sana sana and with Brexit on us, no chance of moving over to the UK where you can at least speak/understand English. You will only get menial jobs which you can do with your mouth closed i.e cleaning. You will also have to deal with vvv harsh/extreme weather conditions, long winters, lots of snow… yikes, darkness 24/7…language barrier…racism, lack of papers…if you get a kid with a Kajungu in some of those countries, the child belongs to whoever holds the papers. I could drop a few hekayas about my friends but wacha niwache incase they are reading me. Kunyang’ywa(sp) mtoto by law.

My advice would be ‘go to those countries when you are young so you can learn the language and adjust’. Sio now when you have a family. To put my money where the mouth is I would rather stay in Kenya than go to some of those places like Norway.