Migrants arrive at US-Mexico border wearing Biden shirts.

[SIZE=6]And they look very healthy and well fed. So who gave them these Tshirts ???[/SIZE]



Wataruka fence ya Drumpf ama

@Guy004 harakisha. I need to see your comment insert itself magically above Kuria’s comment.



You got me here. The only two people in the universe who can afford to print on white t-shirts are Obama and Biden :smiley:

And this is how the minority Democrats end up with a majority vote.



Courtesy of George Soros.

USA will be a latin country very soon…

The dilemma is two faced, the American Elites want cheap labor, and the Democratic Party is hoping, once these people became citizens, they will vote Democrat.

I’m moving out of California.

Aren’t you yourself an immigrant? What’s with all the hateration? Benefiting from the same system that has allowed you the pleasure comforts in the United States?

It’s akin to traveling through the UK, especially through Heathrow, the most vile and nasty immigration officers are those first generation Wahindi working there.

Live and let live. Focus on being utterly successful and it will bother you less. Bure kabisa!

These people won’t be allowed those so called pleasure comforts.

You talk as if Biden will give them free scholarships to Harvard plus free houses… has he hekped the homeless folk in Democrat states ndio asaidie hawa?

You must be one very naive and misinformed njaruo.

And their kids often end up joining gangs or doing lengthy stretches in prison. Hio ndio unaita pleasure comforts? What a buffoon.

Hao wanasema waliingia ki legit,walipanga line pale embassy,wakahojiwa kisha visa ikakam,harambee hivi hivi then kuland murica na kuanza kulipa tax. But hizo nugu zingine zinapitia panya route sio fair…both are looking for a better life in a foreign cuntry but one hates the other for going at it easy…oh! na wanawaibia kazi

Maliza hio tuck a tuck a. Thinks he has a monopoly of being an immigrant. He’s vvvv insignificant to influence any decision making in a foreign country.

In the old days before U.S politicians started growing drugs in South America, the Latinos would come in freely, pick lettuce, cotton and other harvest from U.S farmlands and disappear back to Mexico.

Some Mexican labourers owned TV sets before U.S farmers could even afford to buy them.

Sometimes the Latinos made more money back home and didn’t need to go North during harvest time.

I guess the Democrats were quietly watching this peaceful co-existence between farmer and labourer and quietly whispered, “Hizi ni kura na hatutakubali zirudi kwao!”

You are a funny and very FAKE chap. You lie that you live in the Middle East which is an obvious lie, because if you did you wouldn’t be talking like this.

You would know what happens to Kenyan, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Filipino and Sri Lankan migrant workers who work in the middle east. It is the same for the Latino worker. They have zero education and the only job Biden gives them is picking farm produce a job that is only available during harvest time.

Yet these Latinos have very large farms back home in South America. They actually have more resources than U.S farmers.

This will seriously popularize Trump. US hates bonobos streaming into the country.

Hehe, you had to write your composition twice to pass across a useless point. Does it really matter where I live? As an immigrant yourself, you should pray to the good Lord to help you keep quiet. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa

Kuria I have observed you. Hii makelele yako sio ya mtu anaishi middle east working for the Arabs. At least not the Arabs we know.

I agree, they are not the Arabs you know. Now back to your shenanigans … as an immigrant yourself, kwanini hutaki wengine pia wakule. What are you afraid off and are the real American citizens as edgy as you are?