Migori First Lady


Makes sense…she probably did the actual stabbing in a fit of jealous rage. Damn!

A woman scorned. This plot can’t get any thicker.

And the governor was supposed to fly to Rwanda when she was abducted?

Aha. From the onset, I said it was very clear it was an emotional murder. Whomever wanted her dead, wanted her to suffer too. It would be too obvious for the governor to do it. Once Sharon started contacting his kids and wife , she had crossed the line.

:D:D pesa ni poa banaa mpaka bibi ako na aide which means hata mboch ako na assistant mboch

Ujaluo ni gharaama

Hell hath no fury…

Hii plot iko na twist mob. Could it be that Mrs Obado used Oyamo to deliver Obado’s mpango wa kando for her to slice the foetus out of the mpangos belly and somehow the hasira got a hold of her akaamua kummalizia. Then planted the ndomco to make it look like rape gone sour …

Ama aide wa oyamo alikuwa anatomba bibi ya obado na obado anatomba aide wa bibi yake na mboch wa Obado anatombwa na aide wa mboch wa Miguna, nimechoka wacha Jerry Brukheimer atoe hii series pale HBO ndio wanyonge tuelewe twist

Hehe … donge

Jinga umewaisubscribe startimes na unapayuka hbo! Ngamia kasoro mkia.

Na sasa wanasema Sharon was hiv+. Obado and his son are therefore both infected. So is Bibi. Hii maneno ya kuma ina karma like a biatch.

Police have found the car believed to have been used in the kidnapping of Rongo University Student Sharon Otieno. The officers in Migori also arrested the driver of the car and are questioning him to find out if he knows the killers.

Detectives believe the black Fielder saloon car was used in kidnapping Sharon and Nation journalist Barack Oduor in Rongo two weeks ago. Mr Oduor said he escaped by jumping out of the vehicle. Sharon was later found murdered, her body lying in a thicket near Oyugis town. The Standard yesterday established that the vehicle had been used as a taxi in Migori town.
Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001295960/police-we-ve-found-car-used-in-sharon-s-kidnap

Someone is colour blind, the car posted here and the one I saw on TV isn’t black.
By the way whats the name of this colour?
I was recently arguing with a friend about it.
Na sitaki kusikia ng’ombe ikisema ati brown.

Not necessarily. Chances of being infected after intercourse with an infected person are 0.0001% ( [SIZE=1]as per @uwesmake health resources[/SIZE]).

Poor spin

Kutombana is the staple food of mankind. Scandal zikihappen watu mahypocrites wanaflip halafu those very people ikifika jioni wako kwa their own finyana thingz dramaz!

This ndrama will soon find its way to the CID Training School curriculum… How To Commit Murder…Or Not 101

The episodes of “The Maid” maybe playing right in front of our eyes in real time.

It’s true.
I don’t think a hired killer would bother with stabbing the foetus.
Shit…very disturbing.

Just sad. Its the same as GBV. people making the wrong choices to address problems. I knew this woman who stabbed her pregnant co-wife and later hanged herself at langata prison.