Mifupa ndio tamu.,..Jowie's wife shares new hot photos



…kila mtu na taste yake


Rich men love skinny women, go figga.

mfupa wachia mbwa

No wonder they say all men are dogs


Jowie is here for the free rent, food and occasional hollow pusi. Mfupa ni ya umbwa.

It was clear she was after her own selfish needs. For no sane woman can be seen on the arms of a suspected murderer. She is also his Manager.

Kuna mambwaa hukula kama hii jo

Unajaza server

Hii wajia umbwa

I love the humor

Even the village dog @cortedivoire amekataa hii mifupa. Hawezi tomboka ata govo

[SIZE=5]Let it be known that @poyoloko has soft full breasts and thick African hips and thighs. He is a bit hairy but it’s all natural.

@poyoloko 's firm breasts provide nutrition to the thirsty masses. No one has ever accused @poyoloko of being a mfupa because it would be high treason.



[SIZE=5]@uwesmake is also married to this thick nguruwe below.

Despite his small 4 inch penis @uwesmake tries his best to keep this heavy lady sexually satisfied and everyone in Kayole appreciates his effort.[/SIZE]



Ongea tu mother tongue ndugu.


Munene nikyau Yuyu?