Midnut clarity

Wanaume si wana roho. Unakaa kinui nyumba sio yako??






she cheats if bedroom skills are underwhelming

Stupid mentality, if a woman wants to cheat let her do it, then chase her away, whether you’re good or bad in bed it’s irrelevant

She cheats cause she a ho

if you cant afford a hide out, usitamani kukula ya wenyewe. Bibi ya mwenyewe achana na yeye, lakini akijileta saaana, hepesha yeye mbaaaali, ndunga na usizoee. usidanganywe eti sio tamu, ukweli ni hiyo kitu umeibiwa ni tamu na unadunga with full adrenaline rush… but again. be able to cover tracks and hideout too…

Kasia beta chieth mindset. That’s what they want you to believe. She’s cheating coz she’s a fucking hoe. They want a different dick because that’s what they’ve been doing even way before they were married.

Marriage is almost dead…Hawa watu wote ni makunguru tu.

:D:Dnaimekaa tu hapo kama mandazi…smh nigga should be spearing the window ju hivi ndo watu hufa… then the pastor makes up some shit

not necessarily… some women too have wishes to sample, no matter how good you are. they know the best dick is the one they have not tasted.

place around Kayole area…
@sijataja mtu

He just did not take a selfie for the inlaws only. He took one for the world. Haki the shame aiiiiiish.

Yes this is a new low, I think he may be charged with the new cyber act


Kayole or Nigeria?

Kunguru ni kunguru tu :smiley:

Hapa ndio mzazi anatoa ile speech ya M7 ya non interference.