I have never dreamt of fucking a midget, but that opportunity presented itself yesternight. A midget is an extremely little person, most of us call them dwarfs. I was in the shebeen lonely on a table, seeping 2nd 300ml Southern Comfort brand, then 5 people entered, 2 cute girls, 2 men and a midget…they ordered strange brands, the normal guys seemed to be couples and were having romantic conversation ignoring the midget girl who seemed extremely bored, my tipsy made me imagine things, I asked myself things like “how would it feel like to fuck a midget?” How do I impress her? Will her companions allow me to talk to the little thing? Her small legs were dangling coz the chair was not of her size, and one thing that impressed me was the abnormally big head. After on hour, I went straight to that table and asked the companions if they could allow me to chat with her, the guy who seemed the ring leader said, Miriam is an adult, talk to her…great, we went to a separate table away from her friends…to cut the story short I successfully convinced her to upstairs where lodgings dwell, I went straight on to slip my dick in her wet pussy, it seemed just normal but its as if she had been through a dry spell of 2 years, she moaned like a tired donkey each time she climaxed, she loves being on top and could really pump hard sometimes farting in the process. I enjoyed the whole thing for 3 hours, am home now, as usual tired


…she moaned like a tired donkey each time she climaxed… :D:D:D


never read your nonsense beyond thread title. Your constant derogatory terms…short version learn to respect people



Nice hekaya :D:D:D

So, tuseme huyo midget was neither a girl, nor a man. KAI UGURUKAGA WEE?

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I dont think i can ever sleep with a midget,it would feel like child pornography


Ktalk CSI tuko na wewe. Unless it was a male midget



midget rapeman

:D:D:D:D:D…kwani midget si mtu. ati and a midget

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@mukuna Kwani wewe ni midget ,umecatch !!

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Hahahahaaa shipoto

Tafuta dada ya @Jirani

Did you really have to comment “sometimes farting” negates the intended show of mini achievement I were gearing to applaud you for…

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Did you really have to comment “sometimes farting” negates the intended show of mini achievement I was gearing to applaud you for…


wapi effidens ata thermal images… Otherwise it neva happened.

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