midget fetish

Mwenye ako right naweza split in half with my josto[ATTACH=full]4384[/ATTACH]



pedophile alert o_O:confused:

Midgets are people too. They require some loving as well

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Ice cube n Muranga really …:eek::eek::eek:

what is wrong with midgets? they are grown women just that they are challenged by height

They are people too.

aaah sawa, short people are people too

Hehe am short too …so i get this

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The politically correct term is “Little People.” Hata mimi siwesmind, they are good at riding.

tried wanking to their porn lakini never managed to get off…not my kinda thing

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@uwesmake ndio hii apa http://www.xvideos.com/video8980090/ebony_midget_in_a_gang_bang

You’re a dwarf too?

Laptop ama Ipad?

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:mad::mad::mad::mad:am not a computer

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:smiley: it was a figure of speech apologies if offended

:smiley: am joking jameni …am 5"

the shorter the monkey …

Ha ha … old monk fala 12 amekutukuna

relative to my height you are a midget :smiley: