Midget Bouncers

What’s up with clubs hiring midgets as bouncers? Really?? I’m supposed to trust these little niggas with my security. I’m 6’1, not tall enough to make my high school basketball team. I’m disappointed. They have the numbers but I wouldn’t trust these midgets with my security. I can do better on my own :smiley:

You’ve never met the midget that used to work at F2 back in the day, alikuwa anaangusha wanaume mbaya.

What else would you expect from someone who’s at eye-level with balls?

Skill not height determines everything my friend. Urefu (au ufupi) don’t count for s**t. Nikiwa Terrorists as a SG our PG was 5’10. Tafakari hayo

Chokoza tu mmoja…tuone mahali hio urefu yako itafika…utakujwa ujue haujui!


Mturadon hizi thread zako bona huweka usiku

ni beer haze inaleta obsession na security…

Unless wewe ni mchokozi. Relations matter…ujue hata umbwa ni security.

They have lower center of gravity which boosts stability so trust me, you will be the first one to get to the ground all other matters equal. Mike Tyson is 5’ 8. How many guys over 6 feet can challenge him?

Funny story, I went a place with those midget bouncers, I bought a midget size spirit and nkasema apewe… Been buddies since, I even went to his ruracio. Works out different for everyone

Coz that’s when he’s drunk, and a superman while at it


You can’t do them shit. how will you throw them punches when they are your knee level ???

Mimi ndoto yangu ni kutomba manzi midget yule ameiva kuruka

hizo vitu zimekauka i tell U. how will you even hold her ???

What are you trying to hold? Chapa hiyo midget missionary hadi itii

I can see where is this thread going…somewhere out of Kenya