Middle-class stupidity

Do you sometimes spend 2k on a shirt with a little polo pony on it in the belief that that will somehow bring you a more rewarding sex life? (The people who sold you the shirt for 2k are having the rewarding sex life.)

I would never spend that much on a shirt, I only spend 100-150 and my sex life is quite poor.

No. Instead, I do drink the 2k and sex life is not one of my worries.

Kama bado uko pony you are late. Style can’t be bought from what everyone has. I can wear some nice low key kicks that only those who know gets it. Tulia.

To each his own… mara mara tumesema kama hakuna pesa ya yako intatumika unajipa shuguli .

vaa CAT na Timbs everywhere.

I’ll wear a sackcloth kesho nisionekane midro class mjinga…wait, tena naweza onekana kama mfuasi wa ile dini ya nanii.

I dont wear cat or timbs but if it was my thing your opinion about me doing me is irrelevant.

I will drink 1950 and buy Arimis ya 50

I saw some nice simple K-Swiss tennis shoes that no one seems to notice, at a certain shop somewhere in the desert countries, next time I’m around I’ll purchase it and maybe litter this village with a picture.

Personally I stay off anything labeled and of late I’m getting into the habit of wearing a uniform look, grey soft khakis and plain polis, dress shirts, or t-shirt, black, white or grey.
I prefer good quality material, though won’t go overboard purchasing anything.
By the way the price of a good quality new shirt starts at around 800 but as you know our boutiques want to squeeze that profit and sell you stuff at 1500 upwards.


kama wewe ni peasant kama Mimi na unapenda jeans enda pale Levi shop sarit centre they have very good offers …40-60% sale on a range of their products.

polo tsho ikipita thao hio unaharibu pesa buda

T-shirt ikipita too fifte mbecha inapotea.

Khaki mpya = 600/=
Shati mpya = 200/=
Kiatu mpya official = 575/=
Kiatu mpya casual =360/=[ATTACH=full]260412[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]260413[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]260414[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]260415[/ATTACH]


Too good to be true…:oops:

Mwanaume kusema ‘pony’ is very gay

Mwambie Wewe ni mtu ya safari boot fundi