Mid-life crush: Ford Raptor

Now that I’ve checked several things off my bucket list, I think that I’m going through some mid-life sh*t (some folks call it crisis). A few weeks ago, I shared about my experience with cars since my early years, and how much money I wasted on them. Over the past two or so years, I’ve been comfortable with a Toyota camry, and I had sworn that I’d never spend more money on another ride.
Shetani amerudi, and has been whispering to me for the past couple of weeks. I’ve never cared much about driving off-road and all that wild stuff, but with the current covid situation, I really don’t know if life will ever be the same again. I’ve been thinking, and I mean really really thinking of hitting the off-road trails to burn off my frustrations.
I’ve considered different options, and the Ford Raptor seems like the way to go:

Looks small on photo, but this truck is a beast on the road; it makes sedans look like toys.
I’ll share my experience if I get crazy enough to get the truck.
Please share your fantasies.

Landcruiser or Jeep

That one looks good and the price might be high. Me wakati nitaangukia kakitu will get myself the older double cab 2.2litre diesel double turbo 6 speed. Happened to drive one recently and fell in love with it.

Wacha akina @Kimakia waendelee kutafuta Mercedes.

Ford ziko na issues za gear box na engine Sana. Afadhali utafute Toyota tundra

Nilikwambia kama uko KZN unitafutie Toyota Dcab 2016/17 2.4litres.
Nitaikujia drive through Africa ama tuulize @ochithunder on how to ship it

Am not in mzansi but I can give you reliable contacts

Hio the guy has driven it for over 4 years and not an issue then realised its service is cheaper than the Toyota. Lakini ikiharibu the turbo ole wako, cheapest you can get is 50k

Land Cruiser any day. I don’t even think it would be fair to put both trucks in the same category.

Jeep is also capable for cheaper. Not as well built though.

This a powerful towing truck.

Pass on the Tundra. Ford trucks are solid. I’d settle for any other American truck before considering a Tundra.

My dream and my fantasy…F150 RAPTOR IN BLUE

It’s a great car when offroading. To be sincere it doesn’t combine the luxury and tech of the Nazis nor the reliability of the Japanese but when it comes to going down the unbeaten path it can only be compared to the wrangler. Also check the Ford Bronco although I think it will debut next year or so but it’s a great offroader

Hata mimi ndoto za dually 450/4500 zimenisumbua. American truck iko sawa

Suzuki Jimny 2019. Can’t seem to stop salivating about it. I’m a bachelor, before anyone asks about space to carry my family bla bla bla