microsoft windows 10

good evening villagers,
while i was busy downloading my usual poison i got this pop up message ya Microsoft na wanasema it will be a FREE FULL VERSION upgrade not a TRIAL.
now my qustion is even for guys like my who are currently using a pirated widows 8 tunapewa bure???
@Deorro na @highschooler idler please nipatieni maoni hapa,
watu wa mbicha,see below

yeah ni free except kama microsoft imedetect yako ni imbo

Pirated versions are also upgraded for free

mimi nitangojea nione bugs ziko before niweke

mimi pia nipata message kama hiyo lakini windows 7 is genuine…pia nitachill nione vile wengine watasema kuihusu

If you have noted even pirated copies get updates. Microsoft understood the concept of being a market leader and rake revenues via ads rather than lose the marker to the Linux crew. That’s how windows consolidated the pc market

Pirated version are getting updates but there is a catch, the free updates are not the full copy there are some features that’s are disabled and you need to purchase the full version.

The update is equivalent to Windows 7 starter and for you to get ultimate you have to buy the complete version. There is an enterprise, professional, education.

Complete version you have to buy.

Hahaa na vile i was ready lo google for its crack

Niaje junkie…STFU.

Everyone gets a free upgrade.

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I take issues with the word “idler” u seek help frm someone then u go ahead en call them idler