Microsoft are Dropping the Nokia Brand Name and The Windows Phone Software All Together, Here's Proo

Back in April, Microsoft spent $7.2 billion to buy out Nokia’s mobile phone division, 6 months on and now people are starting to wonder why despite Nokia being a separate brand, Microsoft have retained their brand name even though the partnership died.But now finally after all that time Microsoft are finally ready to let go of their surrogate brand name and adopt their own.According to a document leaked by tech blog Geek On Gadget, the Nokia brand name is being dropped and with it the Windows Phone name along with it from its upcoming smartphones. This means that the Lumia 830 and Lumia 730 are the last Nokia phones on the planet.

However they will keep the Lumia name and add the Microsoft brand name. Also to be cut-off is the word “Phone” from Windows Phone as well, according to the report.Word has it that this is part of a bigger master plan for Microsoft to drop the whole Windows Phone operating system according to Geeks On Gadgets. According to them Microsoft may merge its smartphone software with its desktop operating system.
But this is no surprise because back in July new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that all major versions of Windows will eventually merge into one platform.This argument is also supported by Microsoft’s universal app platform which allows developers to write their app once and have it work across Windows, Windows Phone, and the Xbox.
Android continues to dominate the smartphone industry with 84.7% market share, Apple accounts for 11.7% while Windows Phone have the tiniest piece of the cake with 2.5%.

who cares, microsoft and nokia are about to be extinct