Michael Ndalo KRA suicide :why are Kenyan men mentally troubled?

Michael Ndalo, a KRA employee died Friday evening in a suspected suicide mission after jumping off the Times Tower building

A Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) employee died yesterday afternoon after falling at the Authority’s headquarters at Times Tower Nairobi.

KRA Deputy Commissioner, Marketing and Communication, Grace Wandera said the agency’s medical team performed emergency first aid on the employee before medical assistance arrived.

However, KRA said that the staffer succumbed to injuries while being attended to by medical personnel.

The identity of the deceased staffer who worked as a revenue officer has since been identified Michael Ndalo.

Interestingly, hours before he died, Mr Ndalo had posted a series of cryptic messages on Facebook which paint a disturbing picture of a man that was deeply troubled.

In one of the posts, he noted that money can give someone comfort but not happiness.

“What is designed to give you comfort and not happiness-Money. Thank you and God bless you,” he wrote.

The further you dig into his profile, the more it becomes rather evident that he was battling depression, or perhaps, trapped in some sort of religious cult.

In a similar incident in 2018, an assistant manager at Price Waterhouse Coopers(PwC) died after jumping off the 17th floor of the Delta building.

He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

He was an Assistant Manager at the business unit of the company.

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Something fishy about that whole saga …:rolleyes:

Mike was an old campus mate. On all the four years i only heard him speak a few times. Maybe because we were in different cliques. But judging from his close friends he has been depressed for years.

My question is: why do they have to kill themselves in their work places… Not disputing that they were depressed… BTW men are actually the weaker sex mentally and in all other ways except physical stamina…

The actions of a chronically depressed individual can be triggered spontaneously by even what you could consider a minor occurrence or even imagined experience…

Most who suffer this affliction are aware of their circumstances and will often seek or signal help with their behavior patterns …

It is sometimes close kin or those in close relationships who can help initiate the necessary curative interventions before the condition approaches critical mass …:frowning:

I agree with you. It is a very sad situation. The problem is that many are in denial and therefore do not seek any medical help therefore exacerbating the problem.

Habari mkubwa.

  1. I think place of suicide tells a lot, someone facing familial challenges will often commit suicide at home or in a secluded place usually around home. If a husband or wife or just family is stressing you usually you’ll slit your wrists in the bathtub o something, but usually its around home. You dont kill yourself at work because girlfriend or boyfriend is stressing you at home. So I’m guessing they had some work-related issues.

  2. Men are much stronger mentally, going off of suicide, statistically men commit suicide four times more than women, but women attempt suicide four times more than men. it is because men choose very brutal ways to die, like jumping off a building or a shotgun to the head, while women often take pills or slit wrists or hang, all of which they can be saved from if found, but you jump off a building or take a gun to the head there is no coming back from that. So yes, women try to kill themselves more than men but often fail, men choose very brutal ways of dying. 80% of divorces are initiated by women as well, when things get tough usually the wife leaves and countless other examples…So this “women are stronger mentally” I dont buy at all.

you’ve driven two niggas close to you to suicide na uko concerned na boychild ?

Hii haikosi ni hio mbio wanapelekwa na EACC na DCI juu ya wizi ya ushuru