Miamba wa soka...TBT

Essien, Ballack, Cudicini, Shevchenko, Terry, Lampard
Wright-Philips, Bridge, Ferreira, Drogba, Geremi[ATTACH=full]100491[/ATTACH]

Team ilikuwa mambo mbaya. We should have given Ballack some more time

was a good team,this a great one[ATTACH=full]100521[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]100521[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]100522[/ATTACH]

Geremi and Essien were workhorses.

Mtu aweke ile team unbeaten the whole season plus .

@vuja de

This utd side of 08 was one of the best fergie had ever assemled

Claude Makelele msee. He was the quintessence of a workhorse.

Makelele alikuwa noma sana but he came to Chelsea towards the end of his career after getting wasted by Real.

Shevchenko was a fraud imposed on Mourinho by Abramovich simply for being a home boy.
He was never and will never be a Chelsea great.