Mheshima Mbunge Mpig


I have interacted very closely with several MPs. So let me teach you what you didn’t know about the financial life of an MP.

A Kenyan MP receives a minimum of 20 invitations to his/her Constituency every week. Simple math, minimum of 80 invitations in a month.
In each of these invitations, this MP will budget a minimum of 5,000, averagely. Definitely he/she will contribute even more in some cases. So we are talking about a minimum of 400,000 in a month.

Mark you, the figure above will double if this besieged MP chooses to deliver it personally to the village. Because he/she must take care of Jeshi, and handouts for Jeshi doesn’t come cheap.
I know some of you are preparing to ask whether lazima MP apeane handouts. And the answer is YES, hapa Kenya lazima MP apeane handouts. Because Wanjikū must DEMAND it. The moment an MP refuses to give handouts, that’s the end of him/her.
In simple language therefore, an MP will spend a minimum of 800,000 in the Constituency PER MONTH.
It’s noteworthy that your MP earns about a million shillings in a month.
This MP has a family, just like you and I, has a personal life too, just like you and I. But his/her entire earnings goes to the electorate.
I’m only saying that the next time you find your MP in a hotel, lipia yeye hiyo breakfast before you leave.

Bullshit excuse for corruption. Who forces them to vie? Why do they fight so hard for those seats, if it’s that bad? Ghaseeeeer!

Job yake Ni kuleta development si kupeana handouts. Umeffi

Pathetic attempt at justifying theft and looting of punlic coffers. So it means we let them get more money to continue this vicious cycle?

They clear hospital bills, school fees ,funerals, weddings, bride price, preweddings, etc. etc etc

Io ni handwriting ya duale.

Do it if you have personal money. Your job as a representative is to create jobs so that people don’t have to ask for handouts.

The MPs you associate with are ignorant. We must break this circle of stealing first and then giving 10% of what you stole.

Dereva malaya, you were here just the other day complaining how the same people want to increase their package and here you are today trying to justify the same.

You know what, fuck you.

The question is must he or she be an MP? If the kitchen is too hot they should just take a walk.


@Meria Mata that’s where they miss direction by 180 degrees.

na wanahamia Runda the first month after being elected

Mtu anaishi Runda, ako tena na mansion kwa constituency yake, slay queens kila mahali, na ati anataka tuamini anaumia.

juu ya imaginary harambes

@Meria Mata umetuangusha Sana. You should be demoted to SV. You are insulting fellow high I.Q villagers. Pia wewe umemeza hio hookline.

My bad. Think am drunk. Same issue with “Ngite ici” n “gucci”

hii kijiji nikaa vile guka alisema
low IQ ninjas hawaoni thread imeanza na #stolen


This is wrong on so many levels. Firstly two wrongs don’t make a right. Secondly, let’s take the case of yule jama meru that campaigned using footsoobishi an checki maneno. Surely his constituents knew hana kakitu. To expect handouts from the clown is rather foolish. Even before he settled it took Gathecha to gift him a car. Pale bunge he has chosen to jinice. Just like a new graduate from kiganjo leaves school to make a difference halafu anapatana na the endless cesspool of corruption money ! It is a personal choice VC.

He has not told us what else they do for the good of the constituencies. Ooops he has failed to mention how hard they work to make sure that when the Gavana says jump, they jump kama Masaai morans. This role should be abolished along with the women rep one.
Ni ukweli tulirogwa. Wooooi.