MH370 Deliberately Taken Off Course

The theories are back o_Oo_Oo_O

U.S. intelligence agencies put together an assessment in the wake of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 indicating that the plane was deliberately taken off course, according to a source with knowledge of the matter. The assessment – made months ago and concerning what most likely happened to the plane – which disappeared in March 2014, also said that the Boeing 777 was also potentially deliberately downed, the source said.


Watch Air Crash Investigation in March and they said the pilot must have downed it.


I have watched it but they did not say that conclusively it was just one of the possibilities

The plane i think was bombed juhu the satellite evidence Russia presented were proved to be fake n doctored using Photoshop Cs5

Watched that, i think they came to that conclusion based on the fact that they found a flight simulator in his house and that he had formatted the harddrives before he flew MH370. For sure its a mystery how a plane can just disappear without any physical debris, even pieces of luggage or anything that could have identified the plane.
The Indian ocean is huge and i understand there are trenches as deep as Mt Everest. Ohh there is the possible plane computer systems hacking theory.

But the tail parts have just washed up onto reunion, an island off the coast of madagascar

It is not confirmed that they are from MH370

From CNN They are saying the wing came from a Boeing 777. not yet confirmed if its MH370 ( most likely it is)

Clearly. The ocean can’t be randomly spitting out aeroplane parts.


They also said MH370 is the only 777 missing, that tells you the debris is from, yes you guessed right, MH370!

and the MH70 is the only unaccounted for 777 around the world

Then that means the plane is sitting somewhere at the bottom of the ocean and from media reports (investigator theories NOT MINE!) it might have plunged into the ocean nose first and maybe a large portion of it might be still intact, hence the lack of debris.

Really sad. Nani ana hiyo video aiembed hapa?

I guess this calls for better airplane technology, security- and tracking-wise.

By the way, the Ethiopian airlines plane that came down near Comoros sometimes in the late 90s, what model was it?

Boeing 767-260ER

Aha, thanks for the clarification.