Guys please explain this concept clearly to me and other new villagers

Bunch of fags,no girlfriends or whatsoever,they claim notches on the bedposts but meh!. they call themselves the ‘enlightened ones’

So MGTOW are people not an idea

Nah undefinable like the letter people ,LGBQTDFSATRX

Thanks am lost for good

don’t be bitter.

@K-RUPT ,kam sasa uone,i’ve shaken the tree,now seat back and relax.wanakam na proper definition:D:D

Define your MGTOW agenda then. In your own words

Choosing to take your path without being bothered by the smell of a pussy

It’s majorly a gay agenda group

Many Gays Touring One World

Observe this commandments,wachana na labels by adhering to no 10





MGTOW is the clergy of the Red Pill gospel

MGTOW (Men Gays Transsexuals Over Women). It’s a Jewish propaganda to whitewash White men into becoming gay so that White women can be bred by other races. It’s an advantage for Blacks as they will get more free White pussy but most Africans are stupidly embracing it not knowing where it came from.

MGTOW simply means a man who chooses to focus on his self improvement and himself alone with no long-term relationships and co-habiting with women.
make himself a no. 1 priority where he does what he wants, how he wants it and with whom he wants to do it with. some low-life riff raffs over here will call them all sorts crap then go back to their miserable wifes and tantrum-throwing bonobos gased up.
its just a lifestyle choice that has no strong foundation in kenya but with time it will…

Elder jivutie crate moja ya white cap hapo chini ya counter

Good for them and for us. Let them not propagate their shitty genes.

mara iyo iyo omwami.