Why do most MGTOW have a bone to pick with women in general?

Women are rational human beings and there is no need of insulting them if they all agree that you are the inferior stock in the dating market. I have come to the conclusion that most (not all) MGTOW are frustrated in the dating department hence the bitterness. Don’t hate the players, hate the game.

MGTOW is just the male version of the third wave FEMINIST

Same ideological pre-suppositions if you take a closer look

In theory. In practice, it is a group of men that demonizes women. Its members harbor a certain degree of bitterness towards women probably due to constant rejection.

You’ve been preaching this shit for at least two years now. Ni content umekosa light skin?

Sema ng’we nitume watu wa Piracy hapo kwa cyber.

Brown chieth niaje?

Same of the new wave feminists… Hate on men, blame men for all their problems.

It’s actually the same thing!

You just had to resort to shaming

:D:D:D:D:D… pedestrian thinking, mgtow men priorities his life ,finances , health and life experience s ,women are just a side show in the larger scheme of things.

I doubt that…

Look at all statistical breakdowns on wealth distribution. Married men fare far better than single men! It’s not a priority thing, it’s a perception thing.

Married men are more successful, have better mental health, are happier… And generally fare better than single men on success indices.

So, the idea that being single is an economic move is flawed.

Leta statistics which back up your claims

Pole musito, sikuwa na ubaya.

Which begs the question
Are they more successful because they’re married or are they married because they’re more successful?

Why Married Men Are Happier .

Marriage and Men's Health - Harvard Health Publishing - Harvard Health

I can gather a couple of peer reviewed papers to the same effect, should you insist.

Married men fare better than every other demographic… It’s not even a new observation, so I am quite surprised this village is blind to the data

Actually, the breakdown of workplace statistics suggests that Marriage plays a big role in the success of men.

See, at the entry level, men and women seem to fare equally well… Women have a slight advantage in some fields actually.

As they enter their thirties… Women are held back by childbearing. At the entry level, almost everyone is single. At around 30 most of the men get married and the differences between the single and married men actually increase after this marker suggesting that marriage played a role in their success.

Differences between single men and married men in their thirties is barely significant, so it’s hard to make the case that it’s the successful men who are marrying…

What happens is that Married men can focus on their careers as their wives sort out their personal lives giving them more time to spare for economic pursuits.

Nagging wives are also pretty good excuses for putting in extra hours at the workplace… I say this in jest

Ni Savannah na sausage hajanunuliwa

brownskin ushatombwa mkundu

Betachieth male unasumbua

Not every single man is a MGTOW; in fact most are not. A good example is myself. The high prevalence of MGTOW in KTalk does not reflect the situation on the ground and I think you know this.

And I never conflated the two…

I addressed MGTOW specifically.

I only dragged in single men into the narrative to compare the two demographics on success… MGTOW posits that single men fare better than married men and that is just not true in the larger scheme of things