This is now very interesting

Sana unazaa ghasia ziko na characters funny

This explains a lot.


That’s not how female anatomy works but OK, I’ll let you enjoy living in your little bubble and warped reality.

then mama ya @T.Vercetti lazima alikuwa malaya second world war, akazaa mtoto ako na negative personality kama 50

So in short, marry a virgin

Total hogwash.

My sentiments ixactly. We are reminded daily that they do not exist anymore.

Exactly elder…now I know why our ancestors insisted on this

I’m MGTOW, but I find Amerix followers very stupid.

Do people just swallow everything they read online with proper verification?

Did you get married a virgin ama ulikuwa ushafanya test drive hapa na pale…?

Tusizoena please. This thread is not about me. This is a habit some guys have perfected here. Once a woman comments, they target those posts.
Naah not answering.

I now understand why there are no females around here

Yeah this theory was debunked a couple of times… I don’t know why the manosphere still likes flagging this dead horse

Our ancestors were very intelligent…for lack of the right word. That’s why their relationships were not as complicated as today’s. Nowadays calling a woman a virgin… Ni Matusi mbaya sana…

Its just a simple question :D:D:D Its like I have asked you something wrong…

Anyway are we gonna still meet when you come back to Kenya or you have already changed your mind about that?