MGTOW vs Married Men: My Opinion

There are miserable men from both factions in equal measure. There is no correct or wrong approach and it entirely depends on the women you encounter. If you only meet roadkill, then by all means go your own way. At the same time, I do believe that there are some women who can add value to a man’s life as a complement. They aren’t perfect, but their flaws are excusable. In that case, it makes sense to marry such a woman. After all, people are social beings and even the strongest man needs a companion. Also, when you become a parent, you learn to be selfless and act in the best interest of your children which is growing up with both parents in a stable family.

So, the decision on whether to walk alone or marry should be informed by reason, rather than generalizations. It depends on the type of women you meet.

BTW, I have deep respect for men who have gone their own way, not because they hate women, but because they haven’t found one worth keeping.

Hizi maumbwa za MGTOW saa zingine huudhi na huo upuzi wao. The fuckers believe that it’s a crime for women to age. I agree with some of their views, but sometimes they come across as bitter niggas who have been rejected by women to the point of getting radicalized. I was watching a nice YouTube video about 18 year-old Kipchoge. On reading the comments, I encounter this nonsense by MGTOW Kenya chapter.


Mimi pia huona kama it is their way of venting their frustrations from constant rejection by women. I am pro marriage, but I do believe some of the MGTOW ideologies make sense. Therefore, I personally believe in marrying with an open mind. That means being more selective when choosing a life-partner, instead of avoiding marriage altogether. Personally, I would advise young lions to look into the MGTOW philosophy, distill what suits them, and then marry with an open mind.

To marry or not to marry kila mtu akae maisha yenye anataka… why do we complicate things

Huyo ni @Karoga na @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii

pleb bibi hutoka kwa Mungu

@TrumanCapote hataki bwana and @Azor Ahai hataki bibi.
I am 50 % certain they had an abused life/family/relationship and something in their minds went kuku…
Marriage is a healthy normal part of a sane human being and it’s NOT perfect.

I just never met anyone who I felt was worth all the trouble I hear of from married women. It sounds like a nightmare. But who knows? Ya Mungu ni Mengi. He may one day prove me wrong but meanwhile life goes on without missing a beat. Marriage is not the be all and end all of life. God is.

Wekelea tablemats na utoe pilau na soda,the Honorary chair of MGTOW @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii is coming

Hehehe acha watu waambiwe ukweli bwana

No you are one who is not worth shit…watu wanakukula na kuingia mitini after they realize how much of a nutcase you are. Women dont choose who to marry.

@TrumanCapote si dhani gives it like fwaa. Women expecially with high paying jobs and stable…
Hawana time ya wanaume.

Marriage can be quite blissful under the right set of conditions. Most importantly, put God first and marry your best friend. Money is important too, for running a successful home so both people should be invested at working hard for the family. Third, spend your free time together but again, you have to actually like each other for that to happen. It’s not about marrying the richest guy or prettiest chic, but friendship. I sincerely believe that’s the secret recipe to a happy marriage. You have to have one mind, one purpose. I’ve been both single and married, and this life is far much better guys. However, if you can’t find that special person then it’s better to remain single.

What part of “I am pro marriage” don’t you understand? I think hujaelewa hii post hata.

Its just not a priority. The longer you stay solo the more you get comfortable with it and find it harder to accomodate others. Alafu ukiskia horror stories people are going through, you even thank God that you are not in that mix. All you know is peace. Not never ending drama. And suffering and exploitation.

Chair lady MGTOW

Usiniletee machungu please. Am I the one who told you to be a male prostitute?
Ama ni Baba yako ndio alinikula? If so Bring the evidence that alinikula. If women frustrated you until you became a bitter lemon and joined a woman hating cult, don’t project your problem on me. Beba msalaba wako wa machungu pekee yako.

As for me and my household, I will not get married to anyone who can’t add more value to my life. Ride or die ni mamako Malaya wa majengo. Fucked by men for 20 Bob then take the money to her pimp your dad. Kumbe prostitution runs in the family Mr Gay for Pay.

Women always do the choosing you idiot. No man can force a woman who doesn’t want to, to marry him. Get that into your rapists no means yes skull.

This is purely for demonstration purposes and I am in no way trying to commodify women.

Consider the dating zone as a market, and women as tomatoes. You want to make some stew (kids). Would you take a rotten tomato to make the stew? No. Because of obvious health risks. In this context, the rotten tomatoes are women who are more trouble than they are worth (single mothers, gold diggers, kungurus, 25+ women etc). So, the best approach is to keep checking other stands until you find a fresh tomato. So, joining MGTOW is a defeatist approach to dating.

:D:D:eek::D:DSpare the major general

what if all the tomatoes are rotten?

Really? There are more women than you can meet in your lifetime.

:D:D:D:D:D… pedestrian thinking,once you take the red pill philosophy and understand female nature ,Mambo ni mawili tu,go mgtow ama ingia plantation. Women and compromise don’t mix,you surrender your self to your new Master.