MGTOW is for weak suckers, get a damn girlfriend/wife and stop wanking.

Name any alpha male in the world who’s MGTOW, I’ll name a thousand who’re married. If you’re worried about a woman taking off with your money, get a prenup. But all MGTOW are broke fucks who no one wants. From From Jeff Bezos, to Lebron James, to Christian Ronaldo, to 99.9 percent of all world leaders, they are all married. Even disgusting shits like Donald Trump, divorces them and gets a younger prettier one.



Mumesema watu waingie shambani by force. Personally I am for kuzalisha but do away with modern marriage as we know it

jua zako , wachana na maisha ya wengine

You can do that, but that’s bonobosky thinking. A man who procreates but doesn’t stay around to give his kids the tools they need to thrive is a low-level human being. By tools I mean, stability, time, education, and the financial resources they need to get a head start in life.

There is a stark difference between being famous and being an alpha male. Those who you have mentioned are simply famous.

  1. Alpha males are wazitos who have established the basic principle of ‘kunguru hafugiki’ and choose to do what makes them happy.
  2. Not all Alpha males are MGTOW, that is a philosophy on it’s own.
  3. There are alpha males who have married and they can be distinguished from their simp counterparts by their non-simpish behaviour. An alpha is always admired, adored and respected by their wives due to who they are: alphas and how they portray their alpha traits

MTGOW is a philosophy that only the awakened can understand…a simple can not comprehend.

Heri ubaki single kuliko uoe only to spend your days chasing tail in the name of cheating
Most married men cheat. That 1% that doesn’t I truly stan. Real kings.
Haja gani mvishane pingu za maisha kisha mwanze kufanya money heist na genitols

You can give all that without being dragged through a wedding and a marriage certificate. The day we incorporated the state into family affairs ndio shida ilianza. Marriage has become a biz instead of its original intent

That philosophy is for weaklings. Of course kunguru hafugiki, that should be common sense. You don’t need ‘philosophy’ to understand that unless you’re a dumb shit. And, you can do what makes you happy without trashing women all day every day. As the saying goes, to know the unattainable things a man yearns for most, look at the things he publicly disdains most.

And who is forcing you to get married in the conventional way, a lot of people don’t.

@jerrydubiz = @Azor Ahai = @M2Random . Enda utafute attention elsewhere

The philosophy is not there to help anyone understand…it is a way of life child.

I think you are a bhangi smoker. We may have somewhat similar ideologies, but we certainly aren’t the same person. I am not @jerrydubiz

They can afford lanyes everyday

@Azor Ahai = @M2Random

this is the attention-seeking cunt @Azor Ahai . Wewe ishi masiha yako wacha Alpha males tujibanje topic please.

Let me simplify this for you @jerrydubiz

Pros of marriage

  1. Procreation and providing your kids with a nuclear family set up
  2. Conjugal rights (not necessarily free because you pay for it indirectly)
  3. Companionship (compromised by point 1 below)

Cons of marriage

  1. Lack of peace and incessant nagging from wife
  2. A financially demanding arrangement
  3. Infidelity from partner and possibility of acquiring AIDS and STIs from the watchman/nduthi guy/ office lover, etc as a a result of your wife’s escapades…kunguru hafugiki
  4. Inability to pursue extramarital affairs and likelihood of your transformer being bitten off, being stabbed, being burned in your Subaru, etc in case you are found out
  5. Having to pay a fortune in bride price or being held forever in debt by your inlaws for failure to pay.

So MGTOW chooses what works for them/ makes them happy and such should be the basic principle of life.

MGTOW boys view marriage through the conventional lens.

The term alpha male emerged from the study of primates and it means ‘a male at the top of the hierarchy’; that’s what the likes of Christiano and Lebron, or even Trump represent, the best in their field. Sasa nyinyi broke MGTOW shits mko on top of which hierarchy? Ya kutomba malaya wa one fifte pale Luthuli?