MGTOW gospel growing at an alarming rate

Once only understood by elite talkers, the gospel is spreading fast among the unwashed masses in mukuru kwa zukabaga. Feminazis are now desperately resorting to using male pseudonyms to attack the MGTOW brigade. This Johnson Isaac is obviously a post-wall, frustrated jimadhe who’s disappointed that the number of “real men” :D:D:D is reducing drastically.

I enjoy reading these illogical rants :D:D:D. She makes wild, blanket statements like “African men have never been there for black African women…African women are the ones holding marriages together”…so, ummmm, what’s the problem if men go their own way? They’ve been pretty useless according to you, so shouldn’t women have higher quality lives if more men join MGTOW?

Halafu notice the usual manipulative tactics we see even here in Ktalk e.g being called gey. She ends her rant with “nobody cares”, after penning a whole thesis on the topic :D:D:D

Heneway, the MGTOW brigade had some elite troops on standby. General @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii came out guns blazing in this swift rejoinder, with Lieutenant General Kenneth @Karoga Kimani providing artillery support.


Now, captain obvious can’t really describe himuselefu as fully redpilled/MGTOW/whatever, but I get what the movement is all about. It makes a lot of sense, logically speaking. And it challenges feminist hypocrisy.

In summary, this MGTOW movement can’t be wished away. It’s here to stay and will only grow stronger.

@TrumanCapote will disagree with that lady.
Hakuna kitu tamu kama single

Mwanamke asiye na heshima kwa mwanaume akae na mama yake.

They always talk about wanting men who are as responsible as their grandfathers, while ignoring the fact that those grandpas used to serve their grandmas with hot slaps on a regular basis to keep them in line. It’s all hypocrisy.

Pia wewe why are you penning a whole thesis to jimadhe? Inakuaffect? Ama inakuchock?

Who is wishing MGTOW away? Btw the only problem I have with MGTOW is that they say that they are going their own way but every weekend they are busy in women’s birth canal. Ama ni mimi Sijui Kizungu? What does going your way mean? Coz this your support group of MGTOW is always on about women, it’s more like Men Who Are Obsessed With Women. MWAOWW. You can all join the church of Satan for all I care but just actually leave women alone, as in actually go your own way. Go your own way away from women. You will be doing women folk a favor. It’s the trash taking itself out.

Lemme tell you kijana bcz I can see that you are confused. Men can not live without women bcz you people are obsessed with sex and unless you intend on becoming gey I don’t see how you would survive without women because your source of sex is women.

So instead of joining a cult of confused elements, just say that you are obsessed with women but you don’t want to commit to one. Or 10. You just want to hit and run. You don’t need a support group or a cult, to make such decisions. MGTOW are effeminate they’re drama queens. Why do you need to form groups and recruit people is it a multi level marketing outfit. Real men do not do groups and don’t follow other men’s ideologies they are individuals and are courageous enough to stand by their decisions. The funny thing is that failures who are man whores are the main members of this group. Central Bank Governor is a man who went his own way. He did not need women obsessed cult MGTOW to do what he wanted to do with his life.

Please musitusumbue. Nobody wants you. Sijui why if CBK governor doesn’t need recruits to validate his lifestyle, you fools who have achieved nothing in life are the ones now singing for us here daily MGTOW anthem. Please we are tired. Form men only groups, recruit directly and keep us out of your buffoonery. Btw we don’t give a rat’s ass because we are still eating, drinking, defacating even if yall men join MGTOW. Yaani simply put You people are of no consequence just empty debes making alot of furore on social media. Us we think about big things like how to pay China loans. You are very stupid btw if you are joining a stupid cult with the likes of Karogi and Mimi Humwagiwa Ndanii are your chair ladies.

Actually I agree with alot of what she says, men are actually more of a bad habit and a nuisance to women than anything else. They don’t pay child support well the Kenyan ones unless you don’t have a boyfriend or you are sleeping with them. Marriages are being held together by women. Many men have now taken being a man as a holiday camp where they sit back as the women become their work mules. Women actually are much better off with out such characters in their lives. To hell with them. Life is too short for this kind of fuckery. Ni loan ya China tutalipa ama ni wanaume useless tutafuga ndio tuseme tumeolewa? Can MGTOW members stay away from women for 1 month ndio tutambue kweli they can live with out women?

Niaje Truman kapondi.

Didn’t read through but the red pill is far better than the blue pill.

So sad how the ghays have invaded Africa. Mashoga going their own way is a homo group cult

Niliona ni pseudo nikasema sita weigh in plus najua ktalk csi walikua radar mbaya…

In other news hao admins wa buyer beware ni ma Nugu… Kwanza huyo atty…kazi yake ni kurusha watu siberia… that cow is on her period 24/7.

Wah si nyinyi ma singles mko na shida mob. What’s up with all these different camps and ideologies when all you need is LOVE? You people are intellectualizing a very straightforward issue. Marriage is not that complicated as long as you jive well with each other, 98% of the ride is nyweee, smooth all the way. :slight_smile:

Such posts can blow you off the sky coz Ktalk CSI wanakuanga wamejaa huku.

Kuna venye talker huwezi shindwa na yeye mkipatana huko slum ya Zukabaga.

How long have you been married again? Just nyamaza and pray to God it keeps on being nywee. Hakuna watu wako na shida than married women in this world. Kama haijakupata just be quiet and thank God coz you have no idea what maybe ahead and what the devil is planning. Be humble mama nani. Hawa wanaume sio mamako, don’t think ulifikanga coz huko incentive to leave a wife with a kid is low. Kama Wendy Williams aliachwa after 22 years of marriage with all the fame and money , wewe ni nani? I understand how nurses reason. Plus being in a foreign country can be very lonely, afadhali ufuge hata kama ni mamba just to avoid loneliness, for people abroad a man is a matter of life and death coz its just work, work, work and then home, no extended family and no time for friends either. Nurses worship men and having a man is their highest goal in life. I know a nurse who prayed for 7 years for her husband to return after he left her for another woman and had kids outside, the woman died and this nurse took in the kids from the other woman . He returned but he shows her all the madharau bcz he knows she is so desperate and can’t live without him.

Wacha kiburi mama nani, just pray because as I told you awhile back, men can even wash your feet when you have helped them or when they are starting up and they need you to get somewhere. Like to get a visa or job or a place to stay, free sex and connections in a foreign land. However the truth of a man’s character is in his wallet. That’s why I don’t date men who do not have money bcz how would I know that it’s not what I can do for you that you are really after. Siku ataomoka is the day you will truly know who or what you married. Wanaume ni pretenders, if a man can juggle 2 families for over 20 years, what can’t they pretend to be? Even full time pastors can change into something else.

When you are a woman with a child even in marriage you are so vulnerable. Don’t start looking down on single people or single mothers. You yourself can easily end up a single mother if your husband leaves you or dies. So my advice to you is usifikirie ulifikanga bcz you are no longer lonely in cold America, just pray to God to sustain your marriage. Life is not easy, ni safari isiokuwa na likizo. Things can change for the worst in a day.

Achana na singles wapambane na hali zao without condescending them. All we need is love but love can be found in many ways and places not just in marriage. If all marriage were nyweee nobody would be against marriage. It’s the horrible experiences people have either had or seen happen to others that makes them shy away. It’s women like you who think they have reached utopia who end up in psychiatric wards or kill themselves and their children after their husbands leave them or dog them out. Because you are so invested in a man and your entire identity revolves around him. Marriage is not the be all and end all of life. Life is what you make it… You go with what works for you. Instead of advising singles, maybe you can help advice your fellow married women like the one below.


How did you become a single mom??how old was your kid/kids and how did you heal,how are you coping now?I officially became a single mom yesterday when I realized my “hubby” of 6yrs has a wife at his work place who is 8 months pregnant…he stays at the lady’s house na nyumba yenye alirent iko tu hapo…after I realized,he parked all his belongings and left to the other lady’s house,has not called or texted…there were red flags yes but I ignored because I couldn’t imagine…he stopped being responsible and stopped coming oftenly like he used to before.we have a almost 3yr old son…the thought of them in one house is killing me…the thought of them having a new born baby is making me depressed,the thought of the other woman having the life I used to have and her baby having the life my baby had is making me sick…this is a lady I called 1yr ago when I found her messages,she apologized and claimed she didn’t know he was married,I am surprised by this right now.she is not remorseful at all…her head is held high…i don’t care about the marriage,I am just worried why she had to take a father away from this child… everything happens for a reason I believe…I just need encouragements from similar experiences…Thanks in advance.

Mami, unfortunately I cannot relate to any of the above, hapa ni mapenzi tuu! Love is so easy and natural, see? Anyway, I had just woken to return a page from work wacha nirudi kulala. Back to sweetness. All this “advice” you write here perhaps should have given yourself during the days of “reach husband?” :smiley:
Singles and Mgtows to the back of the bus! Mnasumbua sana.

Ghasia hapana piga mama wa rika ya mamako sweep Moto. Tumia Mimi kakitu Niko mbaya saidi.

To the back of the bus? Is it? Are you still a Christian ama you just pretend to be because your wife claims to be one? Umesahau God resists the proud verse.

If your life is so sweet where do you really get the time to be on ktalk.Shouldn’t you be busy with your wife, who you paid dowry for, did a wedding for and transported her broke ass back to the cold weather you feel very proud of? I imagine being a nurse is very hard manual work lifting heavy bodies and all. As the man of the house, you know the work mule, don’t you think that you are taking time away from your wife and your child? Stop pretending here, you don’t even respect that man and you don’t even value him, if you did you would be busy with your sweet life, not logging on ktalk to chat with strangers while your wife is next to you. If my nephew visits me I don’t even have time and energy to log in. How do you married folk jungle work, kids, husbands and still have the energy and time to have affairs and be on ktalk.

I have no apologies to make for being a feminine woman and knowing my worth. I don’t have such low self esteem that I will take a man with nothing and transport him across the seas, move him into my house, pay for my own dowry and wedding, just to say I’m married.

Tell me how it feels to be a masculine woman because I have no idea. How does it feel to be the man and the work mule? Enjoy the sweetness that man will leave your masculinity behind for a feminine woman like me, who expects to be taken care of. When it happens don’t feel shy to tell us. He’s just putting up with you bcz he needs a man to help him out right now in his life, once he becomes his own man, he will leave your desperate masculine ass behind and never look back. Utajua utamu wa kukuwa singo mother. You are just a desperado. Kwa nini hukuolewa na wazungu yet even girls from Muchatha wakifika huko huolewa na wazungu? I know why. You are too manly. You are not a feminine woman. You want to be the man in the relationship.

All the best dear. Hurry back to your wife.

Mapenzi ilikufa 1970

Hii line naiba naenda kupost kwa fb immediately.

Maliza iyo mtundu pamoja na ile kinyesi ingine nimesahau jina