MGTOW awekwa baridi


Those names make that storo look fake as fuck.

I suppose they are not Quenians

Hehehe after turning 25 they begin to realize that the world is a big bad place

Anadai kumwagiwa ndani legally…

once you go legal you cant go back

This is harsh:D:D

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Hii ni kali

List of mharo news outlets: The Star Newspaper, K24 TV, People Daily Newspaper, Mpasho / Mharo News, Digi

Done illegally, it becomes rape…

Wee…wacha tuu.


:D:D:D:D:D…The mighty wall is relentless and undefeated!!! Hata na court order.

Before aende courtini alianza na mzazi, village elder, nyumba kumi, nyumba kumi na moja, asst chief, chief, DO, DCC, OCS, DCI, OCPD… Wah, enyewe the wall is the great equalizer.

Mhenga umenena.

Yet people will still be like …“ooh do not fight women they are weak beings” “ooh only a weak man beats up a woman…” fools everywhere still living in the 18th century