Mgomo wa mauguzi imefika kikomo

Wame fikia uamuzi

Hao ni nurses ama? I had forgotten about them

It was always tied to politics unless you are irredeemably dense.

Thanks God ,New borns will be immunized, and the sick get a break ! let the counties get funding from national government

very nice

okoth obado yake atapeleka kwa maandamano alafu aanze kushout marginalisation

So what is the agreement they have signed to end the stike?

Another group leaves camp ya baba

Hope it gets registered with the labor court and the county governments are committed. Otherwise back to square one by end year. @Luther12 leta info.

Ati wameongezwa 8K to be paid by year 2020/21? Hahaha. Hiyo ni ujinga after 151 days! Waah.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D MAUGUZI ni nini ?