Mexican F1 GP

[SIZE=6]Qualifying: Sebastian Vettel leaves it late to beat Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]Last-gasp effort from Ferrari driver takes pole position by less than a tenth of a second from Verstappen as Mercedes struggle.
Sebastian Vettel will start the Mexican GP on pole position after edging out Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in a breathless finish to qualifying.
Hamilton, who will secure the title on Sunday if he finishes in fifth place or higher, will start from third.

Max under investigation for impeding Botas. Might loose that 2nd place, haha


Lucky Kid. He avoided it.

Its gonna be epic. My call … Ferrari, Redbull ,Merc, Redbull,Force India…in that order.

Crashstappen is a very bad driver. The kid is skilled but maneno ya kugonga wengine imezoea sana.

Yap, it wont suprise me one bit if he crashes into hamilton or vettel @ turn 1

Yap. They did him bad last time

It’s in the bag for Lewis Hamilton hakuna vile he won’t finish fifth which is all he needs to do.
But it would be even more interesting if he crushed out so that we enjoy the last race even more.

Crashed ka buda.
I thought living amongst the English their language should automatically stick to you a lot more.

You would think so wouldn’t you?
But I’m only a thick plank.

Still can’t understand how language sticks on anyone but like I said, I’m only a thick dyslexic plank!

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If he survives turn 1 then yeah he will most definitely win , unless the engine blows

I hope there will be no Engine blowing. Weeeh, dont remind me about last year

And we are off, Crashstappen leading, LH last, tyre punture… lap 2

Its Crazy here. Vettel 19th Hamilton 20th Position. Fire.

Manze…wueh, Vettel needs to finish in the top two or the title is Hamilton’s, no matter where he finishes.

Lap 71 of 71

Max Verstappen wins the race, Lewis Hamilton the championship.

Too bad Vettel could’nt pull it off

Congrats Hamtiton. You deserve it.

What a race.

True but he did a hell of an amazing drive.