This #MeToo movement naona inaangusha wazito sana.

#Steven Seagal - Acquited of charges
#Bill Cosby - Jailed
#R Kelly - being investigated
#Ronaldo - being investigated

Na najua kuna wengine…

Wakianza zetu itakuwa ngori

White ladies are malicius,you may think they are delicius but yu will end up crying.African soccer players have suffered

Thought R Kelly’s was BS until I saw the documentary, that chap is twisted !

for a moment nimefikiria pia wewe uko kwa kikindi ya kukamuliwa,my bad

I remember tukiwa vijana barubaru huko village, we did worse than Bill Cosby. Ile njaro ya kwenda disco matanga while armed with pangas, rungus and nyahunyos. Mafisi tunaangalia nani wamekuja na madem na hawana backup ya kutosha. SAA ya kwenda home, we would scare or beat the shit out of the ninjas mpaka watoroke watuachie madem. Hakuna kukatia. Ni kuvua suruali na kupump away halafu umwage ndani. Good thing the big homa and Njoki Ndung’u’s law were nonexistent.
On other occasions, a damsel would visit you in the afternoon to give you a slice as agreed before aende home kabla giza iingie. Whattundu? Unalowesha nguo zake kwa maji na kumpea hekaya vile area yenyu iko na wakora who prowl from as early as 630 jioni such that time ya kwenda home she can’t leave. You ended up getting slices overnight from an unwilling female, who is afraid of nonexistent mikora, who can’t leave until nguo zikauke.
If a revisit was ordered, I bet half of the men on ktalk would go to jail coz they have done worse. Kwanza @uwesmake.

Boss wewe ni rapist ! Wonder if it would be a fond memory if the same happened to your sister or mom !

Don’t ever deal with white ladies. Niliooa mmoja na ninalia hadi kwa choo. Iv been given restraining order meaning that I wont see my children any more and they have moved to another state. Kenyans don’t deal with these white women, they are devils. I wish i listened to my parents when they told me. @Okiya and @pseudonym now mlitaka kujua why i created that thread that i didn’t finish after okiya alijifanya CSI. Okiya the reason why i said i have a wife and 2 kids was because someone accused me of being gay hapa ktalk juu ya my handle name . It would have been hard to say i have an ex wife and 2 kids hence im not gay, who does that? Anyway now you know

Some things you take to the grave for real.
I really hope you never sire daughters magreb because you will constantly be worried about their well being.

Pole sana.Ktalk used to be a good place to vent anonymously-carthesis- (but we all seem to have morphed into trolls.) You should finish that thread someday…

I Hope you get visitation rights someday.

Ask Ebue

Dude you are a RAPIST! There’s no justifying this one, wewe ni rapist. Just make your peace and hope that the consequences of your actions don’t befall your daughters or your daughters’ daughters.

We grew up in a different setting so wacha umeffi. Our generation literally kidnapped and dragged ladies to their marriages. Attempting to judge those eras using today’s standards ni upuss ya hali ya juu.

This is true.

Malipo ni hapa hapa

Meffi wewe. It would surprise you that the ladies liked and expected it and it was part of the growing up phase. Many a ninja got married out of this shenanigans and everyone including the chief and subchief were cool. As I said, you cannot apply today’s standards to the 80s and early 90s. Doing so might even see the whole country’s leadership and a sizeable male population going to jail for matters that defined the growing up phases in a their lives. For example, what do you make of the long forgotten practice of kidnapping ladies for marriage and later sending a delegation to her parents to announce your intentions long after the fact? Do you charge the participants with abduction retrospectively? Or take FGM for example. Its outlawing happened in the 90s. Do you go back to the 70s and 80s to arrest and charge ninjas for carrying out FGM?

My dear nisaidie na hiyo link I feel sorry for @Bottom

There is no basis whatsoever to justify your wrong doings. The fact that the society had normalized wickedness and you got away with it due to legal unconsciousness does not in any way render your deeds morally upright. How many people had lives forever changed as a result of such backward practices? Who told you the women liked it in a barbarian society founded on male chauvinism? I still hear of cases where men in even their late 50’s raping young girls nashangaa hii ilitokea wapi? kumbe such were the foundations and mzee decides to relieve his youth. SIC!

@Ken_Sarro I agree with you but give @magreb a break man. You cant apply today’s standards with what happened 20-30 years ago period.

Am not setting standards but rebuking the wrong he did years ago.