Messi is a ninja,scoring against Neuer is a hard enough task but the way he scored was just awesome



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enyewe huyo kijana ako poa

He made a fool of Boateng…


Can he do it on a cold, rainy, windy Tuesday night in Stoke?

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Hiyo bao ya pili ilikuwa awesome.

He did it to Man U some time back fergie was shivering involuntary…

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Jerome Boateng’s edited Wikipedia page … Place of death :D:D:D


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We have heard that before. You mean Stoke which is thrashed week in week out?

Messi showed Suarez who is the main man. especially after Suarez aliuza some glorious chances

@vuja de the only reason why he cannot do it is because those orcs would break his legs. like some English buffoons did to guys like Eduardo, Diaby and Ramsey

To add on that, if Stoke is that good, what have they won and which position are they in the premier league? A team is judged by its performances, English football is overrated.

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You probably don’t listen to football commentary that much. “Cold rainy night in Stoke” is a running joke by commentators. Google it

Vile nimesema

joke malizia na :D. otherwise apana tambua

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I know the ‘cold rainy night in Stoke’ joke. Heck, I’ve heard it since the time Barcelona was coached by Guardiola, nothing new. English football commentators think they know so much but they don’t know shit.