Message from the people of kenya to somalians

Somalia are ferking pigs.

Our former AG I understand ni wakili qualified wa maritime matters and he just chooses to use his airtime lecturing people on how we should get a prime minister instead of applying his skills in sensitive issues like maritime disputes we are having with our neighbours

Message to the people of Kenya: We are all ONE PEOPLE. Indian, Somali, Miji kenda, Luos, Merus, Kalenjin, Kikuyus, Luhyas and all the other 34 other languages. I personally have 3 bloodlines from Kenya.

People that try to push this shit that we’re different are complete idiots. Ngunyi is a thief of ideas and I don’t why anybody with two marbles of sense would ever quote him.

I will always insist, Somalia will humiliate you inside your own country, because of your leaders foolishness. Mnadharau wasomali na wanacontrol uchumi wenu? Mmekua watu wa mkono kufanyia colonialists wenye wanataka mafuta kazi? Mafuta yenu turkana hamjaonja ata sumni, yote imeenda na mabepari na vibaraka wao parasitic dynasties. Peter Kagwanja ataingiza kenya kwa shida mingi siku za usoni


Uchumi gani wana control?

Maduka za Tv town Na wholesale za kuuza mchele ime expire Eastleigh ndio Ku control uchumi?

Tulia, you know nothing about uchumi

Top 4 main economic activities

Waria wana dominate gani hapo?

What I know is that we will be better off without them.

They haven’t the highest infant mortality rates
Lowest school enrollment rates

But kuzaa Na kutrain terrorists ndio wanajua

I think you’re right sani. That territory is going to Somalia in 6 months time.

kuwa serious musalia wetangula.
Izo sectors nne kenyans wanacontrol gani? Agriculture tunajua kahawa na majani chai na cut flowers inacontrolliwa na non kenyans.
Tourism tunajua inacontrolliwa na non kenyans
Manufacturing inacontrolliwa na Indians.
Construction inacontrolliwa na Indians na Dragon people kutoka Chengdu.
As kenyans ni sector gani ya uchumi mnacontrol? Kufanya kazi epz? Industrial area? Labour market?

Matatu business

you control matatus, they Control trucking business and oil retail.

Kenyan s wako chini

70% of all the tea exported is produced by small scale tea growers

Hao small scale tea growers unasema wengi foreigners?

But hujataja wasomali what they control

They,Somalis,only know how to plant IEDs

The people planting IEDs are young kenyan men hired from kenya. The soldiers fighting them are kenyans. kenyans butchering each other in somalia, to protect the interests of dragon people from china. mna mafuta yenu turkana, je, mmeonja ata sumni?

The people planting IED’s are not Kenyans,they are somalis

are somalis not kenyans?


Kenyans don’t kidnap doctors

wherever the camel goes there is somalia