mesho ing'are na manyodo


I would suck on them boobies

I don’t do makeup.

From my little psychology I can tell you this is somebody with very low self esteem…now combine that with lots of money…I pity the boyfriend

Let the girl do her wewe endelea kucomment bado ukiishi kwa shimo.

She is fine for sure.


Kitu sais yangu

Even with her fat bank account, she still craves public attention, I blame her parents, this is abnormal

Kuna msemo uswahilini unasema ukiona vime… sijui …fanya… nini jua vime elea

Hakuna mechi hapa.
Legends will understand.

ukiona vinaelea jua vimeundwa :slight_smile:

Nlikua naamanisha iyo sasa I know it in luhya ata uko kakamega wana summarize na jina moja ring’ang’ure

The comment on this post are hilarious.


Hiii ni nguo ya kulala anatuonyesha,at her age she should always sleep naked

This is how the wall of Jericho fell

Hizo boobs ziko related to plesident kingstone

olympus has has fallen