Meru Rungu cleaning joints

Meru lanyes are friendly and you don’t have to worry about mchele or theft. Generally Merus believe in karma. Meru town is boring, Makutano which is like 7 minutes away is the real deal. Best time to fish is 7.30pm.

  1. Makutano Meru
  • Outside JK Lodging
  • Outside Mavuno lodging.
  • The entire street from Makutano junction to Magunas supermarket along Havana Guest House.
    NB: Bei ni 300 basic sex, bj is not guaranteed as only a few can do it, average lodging is 300/= and high end is 3k. Meru ladies have sexy thighs and long clit. Best pxssy I ever had.
  • Meru Town*
    Very boring. Closes 7pm as people move to Makutano to party. Lanyes are found

Along Equity bank to NCBA Bank popularly known as Riverroad.
Lanyes here are like those river road wamamas, rude, loud, shapeless but like all Meru lanyes hakuna robbery or mchele. Poor service is always charged high in lanye business and prices here are quoted at 500/= but bargainable. BJ or riding with Meru town lanyes is rare.

  • *Getting daytime rungu washing in Makutano and Meru town is difficult unless you have lanye number but you can try along the Equity bank to NCBA Bank road just next to Chloride Exide shop, Kuna some seller of music cds and guesthouse apo, again s3x is basic and no quality lanye.
  • Bottomline, go to Makutano Meru 7.30pm and above and chew good meat at just 300

Noted with thanks for future reference.

Swaffe Mkuu

Very elaborate destination review. They should annex such information kwa travel guides

Msee I like the professionalism you’ve undertaken to lay down how we could lay pipe in Meru.

Bibi ya mtu akaingia hii site si anaeza kufa na depression?


Hukuona ile clip bibi za watu kwa nail parlours wakipigwa finger na small boys?

Wait what?

Vile nimesema. Video iko hapa tu kwa sex & relationship

Sawa mkubwa. Il search for it baadaye

True, hauoni hata some fool hapo juu anasifu ati ni professionalism

:D:D:D:D:D mtu akapatikana ameandika hiyo ujinga anauliwa usiku

Theirs is probably not this bad, anapata bwana yake ndio anauliza “wangapi?” na kupeana reviews za nairobi prostitutes kama ile jinga inasemanga ati sijui lanye haisumbui

:D:D K talk is a lanye directory.

Seems hujasoma the knowledge offered for free here ,akiigia atajua si yeye peke yake anajua kupeana nje but bwana pia umanga malaier kabla kukuja kwa hau.(the wife alipeana mchana na akakuja kuoga kwa hivo anajiona holy)

Nail palours?

I always confuse Meru with Embu…my bad. :smiley:

The way these wazees are placing their hands (like they are protecting their balls) psychologically proves they are defeated and submissive already…:frowning:

Married men in Embu county have raised the alarm over what they call rampant mistreatment by their wives and children.
They cited physical abuse, denial of conjugal rights on flimsy grounds, and ‘cold wars’ within their families.
Members of InuaWazee Self Help Group in Kiriari, Embu North, have, therefore, appealed to the government to intervene.

Wewe umekufa?

swafeee… will be there later this week