@meriamata's clandestine engagements unmasked

VS used to claim to be trucking water from kwa-hussein, mishomoroni some time last year. Kumbe ni DFHKMBLBHNKN

A Mombasa court was stunned yesterday when another man claimed to be the biological father of an eight month-old baby who had allegedly been sold by her mother. James Kimani, a driver plying the Mishomoroni-Mwembe Tayari route, interrupted proceedings before Shanzu Principal magistrate Diana Mochache and moved towards the magistrate claiming he had secretly sired the baby with Joyce Wairimu, who is married to Peter Kairu. This is after Mochache asked the whereabouts of the minor’s father to enable the court to reach a decision on whose custody the baby should be handed to.

Hizi ndio za @Meria na Mutheu.[ATTACH=full]212965[/ATTACH]

safsana kaka especially lunchtime, mecho iko safi saidi

hiyo kitu ni swafi sana


VE wachana na Mzee Meria. Huyu ni rika ya babako.

Hehehehehehehe! The plot thickens. Initially, I thought that the baby was too yelloyello for the official parents, but was suspecting a German or Italian settler or tourist, kumbe Msee anajijua?

To complete the tragicomedy, the cuckold father should be named as the initiator of the sale, a he’d decided it was either the strange seed goes or wifey can move with her to Mr. James Kimani.

Ngombe hii Meria is my agemate.

How old are you?