@Meria Mata

Do you have info on the guys riding to coast?..I asked in my previous cheki maneno thread and you didnt get back :frowning:

bado anatoa hengā€™i za muguka na safari mrefuā€¦

Waiting keenlyā€¦

let me confirm dates and get back to you,
hope you are fit enough for the challenge

I came across guys who might be interestedā€¦I am not yet ready for that ride bana

you can do it in 6 days of soft riding, doing like 70kms a day

I did almost 60kms on the wkend and I was whipped outā€¦

you got to be consistent bro, preparing for an epic ride or a tournament takes 90 days of which you have to ride and exercise everyday. weekdays you can ride 20 kms/day pushing yourself to the limits and on weekends after your body gets used to it you can do 50kms on suturday and 80kms on sunday, make sure the distance you cover is a loop, say like a big round about and that way barabara haitakubore sana.

hope you are working on it

Ntambeba kwa nduthi akicollapse