@ meria mata

You’ve become the messenger of doom

I hope your next post wont be on a train crash or Tsunami in Lake victoria


M2 hufanya Kazi saa ngapi?

…and when he is not busy ako cheki maneno kaloleni giriama.

m2 is a retired general and now has a fta consultancy

since when did you start crucifying the messenger, niliingia online kaa nimechelewa na hio breaking news, by the time i posted it was late by 2 hrs, in our old home most news events were instant (how i miss Crazy dude, MBisha zake hungepata mahali pengine) Remember the Nyali barracks raid, mbisha mlipata wapi? what about west gate? lets up our standards and make ktalk number one like klist was. (na hekaya pia ni muhimu)
i didint light the fire in inda and i was not in that diaspora matatu, am just a talker (lister) who wants to inform, entertain and educate whenever i can.
lets lift this village to great heights, ata watu wa media used to get breaking news on klost.
did you see my bangi pic from migori, its now all over but no credit comes to this site.
Admins mko wapi?
and for that tirade naomba niwe elder statesman wa hii kijiji
@Deorro umeskia


crazy dude alikuwa anaiba picha kwa pages za PSU kwani hauna facebook account ama twitter?

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thanks for info