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Hi Fta people, I’ve a strong 4950h decoder, previously using dstv, that is, the dish is positioned to nab dstv, connected the decoder & am only getting few chinese channels. Can i get any more channels in that position b4 i purchase the bigger dish? Step by step pls… Thanks in advance.

Yes you can get loads of channels betting that your dish size is 90cm,you just have to realign your dish to another satellite that would require a sat meter,or an android app or an FTA enthusiast who is willing to help for the first time before you start hunting on your own.There are hundreds of channels to watch.Ama uende Jamii forums from page one.

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There’re no FTA channels of much significance at that position. You need to realign the dish.

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Vile @Blackpearl na @Luther12 wamesema. Depending on your location, the 100cm dish could get you some fta on other sats upon realignment.

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Exactly. Try out SES-5/Astra-4A or Amos 5, all Ku-band.

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Since the dish is not easily accessible mostly being at the roof, how do you keep jumping the position while tracking different sats.

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Three options: go there physically and move it, motorized the dish, or change its location to a more accessible place.

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Thanks alot guys.
Again… how about the internet connection?

@ luther, can u pls touch on how 2 go about motorising a dish…

@Luther12 does it mean if you are not in the house people wont watch the news incase you last sat position was for movies or sports

How much does it cost and what are the specs and where can I buy it locally?

A ‘silly’ question here.

Does such a decoder nab the local channels- kbc, ntv, Njata. . ?

Na msicheke.

One dish can have more than one LNB, all at different positions and with different programming. For instance, a dish with Nilesats, SES-5 & Amos 5 will have movies, news, documentaries, some local channels and sports.

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As I’ve always said, Kenyan channels are scattered all over the place in different satellites like Intelsat 902/904, Eutelsat 5 West, etc unlike the Tanzanian ones for instance that are all in one position. Recently, a few have appeared at Eutelsat 70B and they seem to be coming online polepole, one at a time. We’re hoping this heralds a new Kenyan mux at one location. Only time will tell.

If you want to nab them as seen on Signet, you may wanna invest in a decoder with multi-stream capabilities.


Look into those shops on Luthuli avenue that sell satellite accessories. There’s no RRP though.

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@ electronics, vile luther amesema, luthuli shops; alfa electronics, riwara electronics, price 6k.
Specs; STRONG’s newest Free to Air Satellite receiver,
the SRT 4950H offers the usual STRONG Satellite features;
Compliant, Embedded
Multicas Card Reader,
Multimedia playback via
USB, Record function via External USB Hard Disk
Drive (not included), it
also has RS-232 and a RF
Modulator. Now we have added some Internet; with
access to Youtube,
Weather, Google Maps,
Stock View & RSS. It
comes with a wireless
dongle for Wifi connection.



Noted and thanks. Do you do trade ins? Coz I have new star times and gotv decoders that I need to offload. [/B]

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@ electronics4u, nope, i too got GTV (if u can recal them), two dstv (old/new) & now the 4950h recievers…

Hehehe. I also have GTV.

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@ aviator, yap, tried 2 resurrect it lakini wapi…