meria and co.

Been actively driving for the last quarter of a century, but cannot comprehend the gearing on this truck. watch and tell us what is where.

Hii unaomba sana driver asifaint ama alewe zaidi mkiwa trip. Maybe the truck is using some jet engine… Don’t know, can’t tell.

Reports of a bad accident involving two trucks one carrying LPG which has caught fire on Mombasa rd.
Road totally closed and traffic diverted.

Too much going on na hata hakuna speed anaenda.

I hope there are no casualties…

ndio ata nimeingia hapa speedy nikidhani its that update. @meriamata hebu tuambie nini inaendelea. I hear its bad mpaka highway imefungwa

Aih, Hii ni noma. @amun na @introvert Hebu njooni kidogo.

Msa Road wapi?

Somewhere between Voi and Emali.

Halafu ng’ombe ya mtatu ikufungie brake ikibebea kwa barabara.

With such,no need for a gym.

Motorists are advised of the following diversions: Those from Nairobi heading to Mombasa should divert at Emali and take the Loitoktok- Taveta Road then head to Voi. Those traveling from Mombasa to Nairobi to divert at Voi and take Taveta- Loitoktok- Emali Road to Nairobi.

Hehe, hii hata ekranoplane ni rahisi kuendesha

hio ni noma, looks like two ratio splitters

huyo dere hana haja ya kwenda gym. biggest question, with the left splitter, how on earth do you keep track which ratio you were in? if you dare day dream even for a second you fuckup the gear box

if you are given that truck to drive from MSA to Aru, just quit the job coz you are being setup to fail

Rd clear now, one casualty confirmed.

Witnessed that once pale delmonte… matatu was flattened killing everyone on-board.
I got there to find the last three dying.
If he hadn’t already died, I’d have killed the driver myself.

Waah power without control is nothing… pirelli