Mercy 07

Ms: Mercy …
Sweet Maasai Girl …


Maasai kweli

Her Dad is a prominent rancher in Oloitokitok …
She has an On-Off “Friend with Benefits” but is mostly an independent , solo girl …:blush:

How low have we sunk. Siku hizi tunakula maasai? Ai… no.

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And what exactly is “low” about the Maasai …???

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I’d like to chew a maasai myself

Primitive energy. Anyway, there’s just a certain way maasais reason (or don’t) that betrays a lack of civilization. For instance, maasai “professionals” preferring to invest in cows in this day and age. Maasais, despite all their efforts are just boorish country folk. Can’t take the manyatta out of them.

Wacha madharau

Hii napiga magoti and you know what I do next. Nalipa 150