Mercedes to finish the season ahead of useless Ferrari

Yaani it’s like Ferrari have a grudge against Leclerc bana. This team has the shittiest strategies ever. They’re giving the stupid dog Verstappen a very easy cruise towards his first real championship win. Mercedes have been out of contention for most of the season with the porpoising nonsense. Now that they’ve solved it, they just have to give the car the pace it needs to challenge RedBull and Ferrari. Mercedes has been consistent even as the faster teams have suffered DNFs left right and centre.

After the summer break they’ll come back stronger and win a few races towards the end of the season. Musito Hamilton has had 5 consecutive podium finishes, coming second in the last two. Mercedes has also bagged double podiums in the last two races.
Ferrari is turning Leclerc into another Alonso and Vettel. Kazi yake itakua tu kumaliza second behind RedBull or Mercedes champions. It’s quite shameful considering Leclerc easily ranks up there with Hamilton, Verstappen, and Russell in terms of skill. Next year it’s going to be tough because Mercedes will be back to top form. Maybe Ferrari will also have better strategies and a more reliable car, who knows? I hope next year the championship will be so close that three or four drivers will battle it out until the very last race of the season.

Meanwhile, guka Alonso is moving to Aston Martin in 2023 to replace the retiring Vettel. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that Oscar Piastri will replace him at Alpine, making the grid even more exciting.

Nakuona pale twitter, Sasa Billionaire tuma kakitu.