Mens dress shoes and apparel

Anyone here who’s got a source(s) of quality men’s apparel. especially quality slim-fit suits, shirts and dress shoes at bargain prices? I know there are numerous shops like Sir Henry and Little Red to those in Luthuli ave and Tom Mboya strt but I find these shops either pricey and where price is fair the quality is wanting. Once in a while I come across well dressed guys in town and I wonder where they do get their clad… Please don’t suggest that I ask random guys where they get their clothes. Help a brother.

Tailor my friend

And they are more costly na si wale wa street wa kupiga pasi na pasi makaa.Pia some of them make custom made shoes very costly too.

Mahali wako ndio sijui niko sure if you ask one of those guys atakuambia men don’t care si kama madame.

Manix are fairer than the two. 20-30k you have something wearable.

Ooh yea…and also nice cool tshirts…Top quality stuff

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Manix are the guys huko behind imax and at I&M building? Those guys are pricey! They employ pretty girls to tell you how hot you look…but they do have quality stuff.
Try avilas.

Yap, kuna pia hizo range.

Enda gikosh mangware kabla hao watu wahang hizo vitu wamefungua kutoka kwa bale. Utapata designer wear kadhaa oriji.

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Go to Eastleigh… Thank me later via mpesa

Tuskys for shirts not less than 1450

  1. Go to Gaborone Road or Gaberone Lane (if you don’t know where this road and lane are, see map below.)

  2. Window shop as much as possible for the right material for your suit amongst all those textile shops you will find there.

  3. Call this tailor. 0722890629. His name is Charles.

  4. Get Charles to confirm the amount of material you need. He should also be able to confirm if the material’s good or if he knows better stuff elsewhere.

  5. Charles will take you to his shop and take your measurements.

  6. Enjoy as you pay Charles unbelievable prices that will shame all those Kimathi Street and Kenyatta Avenue shops. Even Eastleigh. Carry some deposit though, plus of course cash for the material you will have bought earlier.


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Ati 30k? Wacha ikae…

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Jade Collection Tom mboya street for cheap suits.many choices between 4000-20000.

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I must be one broke niccur if the above amount sounds expensive to me(10k does it for me,above that sifiki bei)…

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Bartons for Shirts and suits. I also shop at Sir Henry’s when they have an offer and lastly a good tailor to fit the shirt/suit perfectly

Italian Men’s Wear at Sarit and they are also on wabera st, same guys but they just opperate under a different name…very nice pierre cardin suits. Cheap shirts for 1500max…they also have alot of sale offers.
And they will adjust the suit to its proper length for you

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