So jana the thread about a one night stand was derailed a bit and people were all about colognes. The sad thing is that others started calling other fags because of talking on colognes. That’s why I started this thread to spite these backwards mofos and get your opinions on the best colognes. First, for the guys who call each other fags hapa please usinijaribu atujuani, don’t come for me unless I send for you I don’t play like that.

So what are you top something (2,3,4 or even 5) colognes of all time? You can attach pictures if possible Mine are
[ATTACH=full]11005[/ATTACH]Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme. I know it’s for women but c’mon man can the average Kenyan tell difference between a men’s and female perfume? I doubt. But I didn’t get it from a shop (stop raising your eyebrows) I found a bottle at home and fell in love.
[ATTACH=full]11006[/ATTACH]Issey Miyake. My current perfume while I have to admit I am not very impressed but it’s pretty decent.
3. for him. God knows that this is the ish*t.

P. S I don’t buy original designer perfumes I buy refills which is basically the same thing

@Web Dev , @Ice_Cube and other 21st century gentlemen please give your views


are gays having a field day?


Soma Label buda




boys who smell good make the world go round. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


@Ka-Buda 1 million is really nice. Hapo sawa, but it doesn’t go well with me.

Ferrari Red and Body Kouros (nilipata origi Top Time ya Naivas Mall Msa). Those are for weekends and party times.
Gucci Guilty ndio smell yangu ya hustle mode.
PS men grooming ain’t gay


Why do you keep the box? na mbona hiyo fone yako ni green kama sabuni ya ushindi? ama rexona ya kitambo?


C’mon man navenye nilikua nimekupea cheo One Million? Kitu inanuka kama marashi zile za waislamu

Next thread,finger nails,toes, painting and other feminine things.YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUSELVES FAGGOTS…


yangu ni Nivea roll on (fresh active) kazi ya mjengo kujipaka marashi ni waste tu our motto huwa…“mwanaume ni jasho na maalama”


mnajaribu wa-say. yangu yote ni shower asubuhi na jioni na kipande ya white star, vaseline unperfumed miguu na mikono pekee. scrubbing flannel is one of those mauzi vitambaas wife used to tandika kwa viti before they became unfashionable…


armani sport
bvlgari aqua
hugo (iv forgotten the second name, iv not used for long)


lol am now a villager!!

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I knew @Wakanyama lazima alete matako pande hii :D. @Mzee mzima hio Issey iko chonjo.

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siwezi kubali mafags washare faggotary beauty tips without me voicing my distaste

@Guru do you like me wearing colognes or not?

Do you get laid btw? Apart from the brigade you lead patiana hekaya of your conquests. Dont involve swords.

I’ve had a ting for the Hugo Boss collection since my Ol man got me one when I was 16.

Dunhill is pretty decent for work days too…

Lakini ukweli wa mambo ni CREED series…

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Which shops can we get em from?

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Bvlgaria Aqua pour Homme
Terre d’hermes

Comments zangu zimeenda missing kimalaysian plane… @ol monk , @Deorro , @Electronics4u @Mundu Mulosi please explain to me why my comments were deleted… Thank you