Men's apparel

hello good people.i am looking to upgrade my wardrobe over the next few weeks.i have been on jeans for quite some time and i feel its time dressed and potrayed a better outlook. i need a place in town where i can get affordable fitting suits which are of better quality for a start and official shoes preferably clarks which am told i can get from kamukunji but i cant seem to find any bearing…am not chris kirubi so dont quote anything above 25000.herein are samples just give your input birrionaires and mirrionaires that i may struggle to enter your class[ATTACH=full]249559[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]249560[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]249561[/ATTACH]

Pia mimi niambiwe where sisi watu wa big foot family mnatoanga viatu both official and casual.

Hey Denis, why do you always find it necessary to mention the size of your hands, height and now size of your feet? Of course, we know where you are going next.

Clarks na kumukunji hazipelekani… viatu enda Eastleigh.

Sani tailors offer good quality suits at affordable prices…They are located at view park towers. 20th floor.

Aaaah… Now I get it. Umekuwa ukiumwa sana all this days kutoka siku za Huawei. I feel for you my brother.


Where can i get good walking mocassins?..I mean good ones sio za watu wa mjei kama wewe

Tailored clothing is the way to go. Mimi ata jeans naenda kwa personal tailor juu hizi jeans za Eastliegh ata nikipata size yangu fly inakuwa ndogo.
Then tailored clothing fits perfectly.

Sasa shida ni viatu.
Kitambo Bata walikuwa na high-quality shoes, siku hizi sijui wanatoa viatu zinachapa haraka wapi. Yaani siku hizi Bata wanauza viatu fake.

Bica ya your jeans trouser waist down.Ensure you have a bulge when taking the photo,pia mimi nimekuwa na shida ya small zip.

Eastleigh ndio mpango mzima… nilichukua izi juzi

Enda to any city walk for a high quality shoe

Ahhh sio mbaya…sole iko aje…bouncy bouncy

Eastleigh wapi

There is a tailor in Buru Buru who makes customized jeans. Unachagua jeans material, alafu anakushonea jeans na size yako.

Yep, Sole is thick rubber but the are very comfortable.

sande sana engineer just close to what i wanted

will give them a visit

tupee coordinates naona tuko wengi


Towhid shopping mall shop no.G4o next olympic
Enda apo useme unataka mary.