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When you’re watching a foreign movie with no subtitles


why in hell would you do that? Unless ni Charlie Chaplin!



Hehehehe… That’s cold :D:D

this is a little bit too cold, your hitting below the belt

That real cold. But funny like ice

More like juzi juzi went for a burial western on the eve of the burial, nilifika kitu 11.00 chang’aa had bn available the whole evenin, nafika almost midnite, let mi just say, watu wa dry fry. Tuko chini sana. Let’s just say pussy huko ni starehe, sio bei

The above post is not meant for official use neither is it serious. So the one who posted it will not be responsible for anything as a result of it.

Maze acheni izo… You might get this pic in international sites 9gag

@Transformer Heshima sio utumwa.