Men who spike drinks

Ferk this! What happened to the dignity of the Kenyan man?
Recently, a friend of mine decided to have a drinks at some joint along Thika road before heading home on a Thursday evening.(the joint will remain unnamed but its somewhere along safari park area).
So the the guy parked his car and headed for the main counter. He ordered a drink(malt) which is sold in doubles, so he got two. His aim was to maliza the two and then head home.
Ghafla bin vuu, another guy who was well dressed officially joined him and they initiated a conversation. He ordered some Tusker light which also came in double.
My guy assumed that this was just another office guy who wanted to drown his office sorrows before he gets home to receive more nagging from the wifey> A drink would come in handy because it would help him suck up the nagging, and also ‘ferk her up’ later that night. (am saying this coz those were the exact reasons why my dude headed into that pub:D).
So a conversation ensued and before knowing it, they were into the 2nd round. Then into the third(six botties).
Since it was getting late(and the wifey had started calling him, plus he was feeling kind of dizzy high) he excused himself. So? where do you stay? His newly met buddy asked. ahhh hapa Kasaa tu. Karibu na Sportview! He responded. ‘OK’. the guy responded. ‘By the was si unidrop hapo karibu na Naivas on your way? I stay near there’ The guy requested. ‘No problemo’ My dude responded.
And so they went into his car together. The last thing he remembered was switching on the ignition key.
Long story short: the dude moved him from his drivers to the passengers seat, drove him to a nearby mall and somehow made him withdraw some 20k which he handed over. CCTV footage at the mall only captures my guy withdrawing the 20k.
Halafu akapora zile zilikuwa kwa mfuko, ID, ATMs and phones.:mad:. He was left inside the vehicle and came to in the early hours of friday . He had to be bailed by the sojas who paid his parking fee.

PS.This types of storos are not new and were once shared on K/list. So please talkers be on alert and avoid strangers especially when drinking alone. They might not even steal from you, they might also DF your rear end too.o_O
Its a new low for some men who have adopted this kind of trade.

I don’t spike drinks. Nawapatianga hii kinywaji wanachapa mara that. Its a bit expensive but it does the job

Hii mchele watu wanaturn zombie nigani? @Luther12 changia tafasary

Really how old are those girls twenny o_Oo_O

Hata 30 year olds 3 glasses and they out :p:p:D:D


Naona kama ni hekaya…

Please say where that is…I sometimes go with my bike there…they might take it from me :frowning:


how now, na vile I have this habit of trusting other guyz nikienda choo,I just beckon and tell them walinde drink and they nod


Why was the wifey calling that friend of yours?

Thats fucked up man … definitely a new low for men who deserve to be castrated with a fish wire.
Sorry about your guy.

Hekaya kitu gani. Kwanza wee ulikuja hapa June 23 na bado uko new villager? (hekaya ni wewe!) Mi nimekwom juzi tu na saa niko VILLAGER. (meza wembe)


I always make sure I have finished a bottle before niende urinal. A new bottle must be opened in my presence


Chunga sana my bro. Don’t trust strangers. (at least my dear mother warned me on that)

what? why? she is a nag as i said. she wanted him to get home soonest for more nagging and some ferko_O. gerrit?

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I heard a similar story regarding a pub called Pop Inn or something, hapo kasarani.

I think ni totillas


Boss ukizidiwa na kukata maji naona unaeza ekelea bike kwa mgongo.

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@Brayoo ama ni NATIVES hapo boss

Seriously? did I have to mention that he went to the loo even after taking 6 bottles?


meme ya kizngu.exe