Men who gossip....??

For over 18 months or so, there’s this group of men that I made acquantice with, 5 to be exact. They are a bubbly bunch and good company when having a drink like on a Saturday afternoon. But there are about three of them who have got this behaviour that I don’t consider manly. When they are all in one group, the general discussion is what men are good at, football, women, and plenty of hilarious escapades. But when let’s say A is not in the group, you find the three I earlier mentioned disparaging him and describing aspects of his life in not so flattering terms and they will be at it for hours… Ooh, huyo amekaliwa chapo na mpango yake ya kando. Next time if it’s B missing from the group… Oooh huyo anakuwaga amewezwa na bibi… If it’s C missing… Ooh huyo ata performance yake job inakuwaga mbaya mpaka bosses are looking for his replacement and so on and on. I find this habit irritating and not befitting grown ass men. Talkers why do some men behave like this as I thought this is a preserve for women?

What you have there my friend is a salon


And same on ua case,when you’re not around ,pia zako waongelelea

Have you ever told them this? If not then this is also something akin to gossiping. Wakianza kuongea hivyo change the topic or just ask them an uncomfortable question like “Mbona usiseme hivyo akiwa.” and yes men gossip

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:smiley: yep,they shld think of expanding it to soko-mjinga

If you only JUST SUSPECT that they could be talking about behind your back then you are not the ripest avocado in the tree

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Birds of a feather…

I guess you woudnt want to hear what they about you but either way who gives a fcuk anyway.

I have on countless occasions told them off but I guess some people are too stuck in their ways and again you have to pass the message across tactfully.

Where do they do that?

Am never worried about what they may say about me but some behaviours Ni za wamama, tena wale illiterate wa kukaa kwa plot.

Uh huh, a male gossiper right here.

Wachana nao… gossip is as old as prostitution.

Very true , am not a guy but I think competitive/Idle guys would do this

[FONT=Georgia]Sioni tofauti yao na yako, pia wewe si umekuja kuwasengenya hapa[/FONT] :rolleyes:o_Oo_O


You encourage them by giving them an ear. When they start their muchene, just walk away and sit alone. I have done that several times in pubs when strangers want to engage in too much chit chat some to the extent of disparaging waitresses in my presence.

Couldn’t have put it better mblo

If you don’t change that company soon,then one day you will find someone who will have posted such a similar post about you.

I haven’t posted any of their details here, their lives, their workplaces etc, so, how have I gossiped about them?

Hizo tabia ni za watu wa a certain area of Kenya.