Men remember these 3 golden tips

Those who got lucky to bust a nut over the weekend all power to you. Those still struggling with life remember we live to fight another day. All in all remember these 3 golden tips for happy stress free life

i) No Cohabitation
iii) No long term relationship
iii) No marriage

Who are you to tip us on how to live? Get busy man


sawa Elder iv) Always Condomise

Take it or leave it man, I am who I am (Exodus 3:14)

v)Avoid Singo mathas

Sounds like some new age BS to me. Mbona usioe?

You are being fooled. If you make it to 60 ndio utaanza kuona you were being conned by this new age , population control advocates.

They hit you with abor.tion , women empowerment or feminism , ga.y rights and now they have MGTOW.

Men surviving alone! Don’t procreate. Don’t marry these evil women. Guard your money. Women are dangerous. :D:D

@Purple now that g.ay people are getting babies througgh surrogates ngoja uone vile population control watakasirika.

In fact they are now focusing more on weirder queer people and moving away from same sex marriages.

Whenever a ga.y celeb says they have kid career yake inaanza kuchapwa kiboko.

Divorce rape, child support, money blown off the window funding her lifestyle, what a man can do a woman can do better nonsense, you are totally disengaged from your friends because you are now a family man etc

Look at Ginimbi. He was following the same MGTOW advice. Living like batman Bruce Wayne.

Young men were lied to subliminally that batman is the ideal man. Single. Slightly gay. Very lonesome. Fucks and tells her to leave.

Or you think the Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, James Bond lifestyle was introduced to you by accident???

No it wasn’t. It has been implanted in all the boys brains.

@Sambamba , @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii I noticed you advocate for that Batman lifestyle.

Even the name batman was a safe way of saying buttman. These people were active even in the 1940s trying to market this new age lifestyles as normal and acceptable.

You will never see a comic book hero who is married with kids. It’s not by accident.

It is very deliberate.

And all small boys today are introduced to these “heroes”.


It is a lie. They first told the white man that polygamy is bad and he relented.

Then they told the black man and the brown man the same and they also relented.

Now they are telling you that even monogamy is bad… Stay single. You will lose all your friends and wealth.

And yet 99% of all billionaires and millionaires will tell you how crucial their wives were to acquiring wealth.

Hii wealth hutoka kwa Mungu na hawezi kubless nayo kama huna mahali unaipeleka!

Iron man is married with a daughter. Kuna many versions of superman being married with a kid. Batman himself has a kid anaitwa Damian Wayne but yeye aliraisiwa na single mother. Your whole argument is invalid and stupid. But juu ni Chrisi pewa KC quarter kwa bill yako.

Everyone tells you what to do and what’s good for you. They don’t want you to find your own answers. They want you to believe theirs.ughaseer ule uko hapa kijijini ni wa hali ya juu

Damian Wayne was genetically grown in an artificial womb from semen stolen from batman. :smiley:

And in your own words he was raised by a [SIZE=5]single mother. :D:D[/SIZE]

And mind you these are tangent stories that came much much later. It is not the core batman story.

These are stories by later writers. Damian Wayne was created in 1988 by young writers. Batman was created in 1939 and he had no kids or wife.

Just like how Superman married loise lane much later in other generations in the 1980s …sijui she then died… sijui he went to which planet and became superman prime one million, very single, very powerful , very rich, all knowing. :D:D:D:D

But at the core story Superman, batman,tony stark all these characters are MGTOW single, rich, good looking, slightly homosexual and can’t stand women or marriage because it will interfere with their lives and fun.

Pambana na ndowaa sawasawa mujamaa kutoka Seattle

Bro umeiva nimepasua kaa fala

kila mtu aishi anavyoona inamfaa. but ujue in today’s relationships, the bonding factor(the major one yani) ni pesa. Though a wise man and woman can choose to have God as the unifier, the most common choice ni mullah. only glitch is that money can vanish so fast ujipate huna mbele wala nyuma, ndio madaharu zianze!..wueh!!

true story

Sana 1988 unaita young writers. You’re trying to build a narrative that superheroes follow the MGOTW when in reality it’s not. Iron man nimeshakuambia ako na hadi bibi. Almost all superhero films involve a love interest. Kuna cases of playboism but these films usually culminate in the hero settling down. The playboism is usually to show how the character develops and sees things. Hata huyo Damian, Batman alikuwa anaomba masa yake vizuri sana.